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Jason Whittaker
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Jason Whittaker is a major character in Adventures in Odyssey, voiced by Townsend Coleman. He is the adult son of John Whittaker, and moved to Odyssey to manage "Whit's End", along with Jack Allen, following his father's move to Israel.

Jason was known as a technophile with an aggressive personality, which fueled frequent clashes between him and Jack. Jason was also a former employee of the National Security Agency.


He was born in Pasadena, California. Jason (Agent 1131) is Whit’s youngest son—and in many ways, he is a “chip off the old block.” Most of Jason’s life was spent as an “event analyst” and operative (in other words, secret agent) for the National Security Agency, just like his dad. Soon after he quit, Jason also inherited his father’s love for inventions and tinkering with gadgets — especially the high-tech kinds. But while Jason possesses Whit’s sense of adventure, he does not possess Whit’s patience and wisdom, which results in Jason’s often reckless, impetuous nature. He is a “man of action” who sometimes leaps before he looks. He was also valedictorian of his high school graduating class. Jason retired from the agency, got involved in missions but then he ended up back with the agency. To retire once and for all he faked his death to rid off any and all former enemies. Then even though retired he joined up with the FBI and took on an undercover position as The Stiletto to take down a counterfeit ring in Odyssey and Mr. Grote. Later he went to London as The Grinder to capture Mr. Grote there. Jason Whittaker is in his late 30's early 40's according to Focus on The Family. Currently (as of Album 56) he lives in Odyssey and runs J and J Antiques for Jack and Joanne Allen.

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Jason's parents were John Avery and Jenny Whittaker. His siblings were Jerry Whittaker and Jana Whittaker-Dowd. His niece and nephew were Monty and Jenny Whittaker-Dowd. His former brother-in-law was Phil Dowd.

Jason came very close to marrying his sweetheart, Tasha Forbes who was his partner while working for the National Security Agency. His most recent girlfriend was Monica Stone, a spy for Novacom. They met in Alaska when she was undercover as an intern for a missions association. They presumably fell in love while they were working together, but this ended when Jason found out she was working for Andromeda.

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Jason Whittaker has appeared in 129 episodes, has been voiced by 5 actors.

All (129)  · Thom Pinto (1992)  · John DeVito (2005)  · T.J. Lowther (1996)  · Christopher Fornof (2005)  · Townsend Coleman (1994-Present)

Jason Whittaker has been mentioned in 44 episodes.

Jason Whittaker has appeared in 5 comic story arc(s).

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