Land around Whit's End controversy

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The Land around Whit's End controversy deals with conflicting reports about who owns the land around Whit's End. It is one of the most discussed Odyssey goofs.



In #637: “The Forgotten Deed”, the goof is finally resolved. It is explained that Whit thought he was buying the whole property but was only able to buy the building due to legal restrictions on the land. The deed to the land was missing for years, hidden in the McAlister family Bible in a time capsule. The deed stated that the city government owned the land only if it was used to glorify God, otherwise, the ownership of the land went back to the McAlisters. When the city did not agree to these terms, the land was returned to Eleanor McAlister. She then sold the land to Whit for $1, who then put it into an Universal Press Foundation fund.

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