The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 10

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#688: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 10”
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October 5, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 10

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 10” is episode #688 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on May 14, 2011.


Detective Polehaus questions Buck while Eugene tries to fix the Appleberry. Connie and Wooton make plans for a picnic with Penny. Katrina is determined to find Buck when he disappears. The Stiletto runs into trouble at the carnival.


Buck Oliver is in Whit's office with Detective Polehaus. Polehaus is interrogating Buck about the money and Buck is releasing very little information, aside from little things they already know. Katrina Meltsner comes in and asks to talk to Polehaus privately. Katrina is concerned that Polehaus shouldn't be asking Buck all sorts of questions without his guardian since he is a minor. Polehaus says he's going to let him go because maybe he will lead him to Mr. Skint.

Eugene Meltsner is in Whit's workshop working on the Appleberry that Buck tried to destroy. John Whittaker says that he's headed to the hospital to see Monty. Eugene and Whit feel like the bad guys are running circles around them, but they know it's with God's help that they will win over evil.

Connie Kendall knocks on Wooton's door and he answers. They sit on the bench to talk. Connie says she talked to Penny about him. Wooton is in Connie's words "still in the anxiety stage". Connie tells him that she and Penny are going to go on a hike the next day and he invites himself to meet them at Montogos Peak and they could have a picnic. Connie tries to tell him about the Trask's group, but Wooton keeps interrupting and talking about the picnic.

Polehaus finishes with Buck and he leaves. He tells Katrina that Buck is supposed to come back with Skint the next day. Neither of them think they will, but Polehaus has men all over the area. If Buck tries to get away, his men will follow him. Unfortunately his men lose Buck. Whit assumes that Buck will be going back to Skint. Polehaus leaves as Eugene comes up from the workshop. Eugene plans to stay and work on the Appleberry, and Katrina wants to go find Buck.

Buck loses the police and meets up with Mr. Skint at Trickle Lake. In their phone call earlier, Skint had told Buck a code. He said "This is just like Detroit my boy. Just like Detroit. Do you understand? Their using you as bait. I can't help you." He was saying to remember what happened in Detroit, and bait meant Trickle lake dock C which is where it all started. Buck tells Skint that he confirmed what the police already knew, while admitting to nothing else. Archie Haggler shows up slightly uneasy about the way some things are going. He tells Skint to shave his beard, and trim his hair. Gives him keys to a car, and says not to stay at the compound. They will use a trailer at the carnival instead. Archie also tells him to get the two Whittakers and Polehaus out of the way by whatever means necessary.

Whit and Eugene are at Whit's End bright and early. Eugene found small pieces of text messages, one of which was numbers similar to the ones found on a piece of paper in the back pack. Whit decides to close the shop for the day in order to focus on the case. Matthew Parker and Emily Jones come in and ask why Whit wanted them. Whit requests that they do some research. He says there might be some information at the library that would give them information on someone connected to presses in some way. Eugene gets a pair of earphones designed by him and Whit. It works similar to walky-talkies and it's how they will communicate with the kids while at the library. Eugene leaves the room, and Emily and Whit talk about how Buck used Emily.

Skint wakes up Buck and Skint looks really different; shaved, hair cut, and a tie. Buck is concerned about the others and about what Archie said. Skint says it's all about staying alive. Buck mentions that the reason that they've had so much trouble is because people care. Buck and Skint continue talking about things and then Skint says, "Get dressed. Everything that we've been working for happens today."

Polehaus has a meeting with his officers telling them how the mission should go. His officers take their positions around the carnival site. Whit tells Polehaus that he found something in Polehaus' office. Whit tells Polehaus that the numbers found in the backpack match a set of numbers found in a text on the Appleberry. Martin comes in tells him the truck from the compound went to the carnival site. It also stopped at Burger World and Trickle Lake Concrete. Martin also says the compound is owned by The consolidated arts company and Archie's Carnival.

Matthew and Emily check in with Eugene as they enter the library. They decide to start with any counterfeit cases in the area.

Jason Whittaker as The Stiletto meets with Archie. They start to tape him up, he resists, and for extra enforcement Archie pulls out a gun. They continue to tape him up. Archie asks if they took care of the other matter and they say the engraving plates are at TLC. They proceed to take The Stiletto away.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why did Katrina still care about Buck Oliver even after she knew what he had done?
  2. Why should we show God’s love to others, even if they don’t deserve it?


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Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Monty Whittaker Jay Smouse
Mr. Dosh Don Polehaus
Derk Begs John Whittaker
Penny Wise Connie Kendall
Mr. Grote Archie Haggler
Sam (c) Archie Haggler
Don Archie Haggler





Wooton Bassett: Oh, hi, Connie!
Connie Kendall: Hi Wooton! Did you know that your doorbell rings outside?
Wooton Bassett: Oh sure! That way people will know that it's working. Otherwise, you push the button and it rings somewhere way back in the house and you can't even hear whether or not it rang at all. This way, you know!
Connie Kendall: But how did you hear it inside?
Wooton Bassett: Uh, I didn't. I heard you knock.
Connie Kendall: But....Never mind.

Don Polehaus: Martin! Just the person I wanted to yell at.

Archie Haggler: Don't move sir!
The Stiletto: Give me a good reason not to.
Archie Haggler: Well, this pistol can give you six reasons!
The Stiletto: Alright, good reasons.