Professor Bovril

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Professor Bovril
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Initially introduced as a state consultant for an inspection by Philip Glossman, Professor Bovril was, in reality, a scientist recruited by Dr. Blackgaard to help him in his scheme to get full access to the mineral found under Whit's End. He ran simulations with the mineral and discovered it could act as a catalyst in several compounds previously considered untenable. He also found that that the mineral could have been used to create an antidote for the Rukuta virus, but was unable to tell the doctor, who had contracted the virus. In #334: “The Final Conflict”, he tried to escape with the rest of the mineral, but was caught by Eugene and Bernard Walton.


Bovril has no known family.


Professor Bovril is voiced by James Greene, has appeared in 4 episodes.

Professor Bovril has been mentioned in 1 episode.

Professor Bovril has appeared in 1 comic story arc(s).