The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 8

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#686: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 8”
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October 4, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 8

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 8” is episode #686 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on April 30, 2011.


Eugene and Katrina try to get information from Buck while Connie learns about Dr. Trask’s religious group. In his search for Monty, Whit learns more about Agent Tanner and the Stiletto.


John Whittaker comes down from his office and tells Eugene Meltsner that he may have gotten a lead on Monty using the tracking chip and program. He reminds Eugene of the task he wants him to do while he's out; get Buck's saliva sample from a cup, or a spoon without him knowing Eugene wants it. Buck comes in and meets Whit as he is heading out. Eugene tries to get Buck to drink something before they start their tour, but he politely refuses.

Connie Kendall is at the college talking with Dr. Trask. He tells her more about their group on campus and that not every is invited because some don't like what they're doing. He explains more about their group and then invites her to come. She says she'll be there.

After Buck's tour, Eugene finally pushes Buck into having some lemonade. Buck asks about a door and Eugene says it goes into Whit's workshop which is locked right now due to a special project. Buck is interested, but Eugene still wants him to try the lemonade. Right before Buck takes a drink, Matthew Parker comes in and starts talking to Buck about the phone. Matthew wants to show him it to see if it's really Bucks. Eugene says no one is going anywhere until Buck tries the lemonade. Just as Buck was going to do so, Katrina Meltsner comes in stating that she needs to talk to him privately. She tells Buck to get rid of his toothpick, and Eugene hurriedly asks to have it. After Buck leaves with Katrina, he calls Detective Polehaus to tell him he's got the sample.

(Still at Haggler's Junkyard) Detective Polehaus hangs up from talking with Eugene and sends someone over to Whit's End to get the spit sample. Polehaus calls Whit and tells him about the lead at Haggler's. They found that the printing presses used fibertouch132 paper, the same as the color ink on the counterfeit money. They also got an address from Wally as well. Polehaus also tells him that Eugene got the spit and an officer is going to get it now. Whit tells Polehaus that he's following a lead on Monty, and that he may be a old building on the edge of an industrial park just outside Connellsville. Whit tells him that Agent Tanner just pulled up to the building. Polehaus tells Whit not to do anything until he gets there, but Whit doesn't make any promises.

Buck and Katrina talk about Buck's fake address. He tells her that he didn't want her to know that he lives in a dump and that he's poor. Buck insists that he has to talk to Mr. Skint before he can reveal where he really lives.He steps outside and calls Mr. Skint. Katrina comes down and talks to Eugene and he tells her about the toothpick. Outside, Buck tells Skint that Katrina wants their real address. He also tells him that he found the Appleberry and that it's in the workshop of Whit's End.

Penny Wise and Connie are in class and they talk about her invite to their group. Connie asks her if she likes Wooton, and she says she does. Penny says that she'd like to do something special with just the two of them. Connie agrees that that is a fun idea.

Whit confronts Agent Tanner and asks her where Monty is. She says she doesn't know. She says that she kidnapped Monty for the operation. She had to gain the Stiletto's trust so he would keep in touch with her. Whit demands that she tell him where Monty is. The Stiletto comes in and says that he would love to have a nice little chat with them.

Back at Whit's End Eugene and Katrina are worried about Buck. Buck comes in and says that Skint would like to talk to Katrina and gives her a number. Katrina leaves as Jay comes in. He accuses Buck of trying to frame Wally with Skint's help. Buck denies everything, and is tired of feeling accused by everyone. He goes downstairs to try to get his Appleberry. Eugene asks Jay to watch the counter.

Whit asks The Stiletto about Monty, but first he orders his men to take Agent Tanner out of the room. He tells his boys to leave, and Whit and The Stiletto are alone. Whit asks him how long he was going to wait to take off his disguise. The Stiletto takes off his disguise, surprised that Whit knew who he was, and reveals himself to be Jason Whittaker.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why was it hard for Buck Oliver to trust Katrina?
    • Make a list of the people that you can trust.
  2. Why is it important to have trustworthy friends?


Heard in episode

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Monty Whittaker John Whittaker
Emily Jones Matthew Parker
Wally Haggler John Whittaker
Derk Begs Buck Oliver
Wooton Bassett Connie Kendall


  • This is Whit's 500th episode.



Eugene Meltsner: Jay, perhaps you should sit down.
Jay Smouse: The only one sitting around here is him [Buck] when they drop him into the electric chair for being a counterfeiter!
Eugene Meltsner: Counterfeiters don't go to the electric chair, Jay.
Jay Smouse: Well, they should be made to sit in some kind of chair, in a corner, for like a reeeeally long time.

Jay Smouse: Go ahead and deny it!!
Buck Oliver: All right. I deny it.
Jay Smouse: Oh.

Eugene Meltsner: Watch the counter for a moment, will you?
Jay Smouse: Watch the counter. Watch the counter? Ooooh cool!! Free ice cream for the counter watcher!!

John Whittaker: So how long are you gonna wait?
The Stiletto: Wait?
John Whittaker: To take off that disguise.
The Stiletto: Disguise?
John Whittaker: You know what I'm talking about.
The Stiletto: Now that's very interesting. I'm afraid the beard won't come off without a razor. However the hat will, and the sunglasses. How's that?
John Whittaker: That's much better. It's good to see you again.

The Stiletto: Now that's disappointing. I worked hard to get my disguise right. How'd you know it was me?
John Whittaker: Well you're my son. Though I never would have expected that the infamous Stiletto was really Jason Whittaker.