Blackgaard's Castle

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Blackgaard's Castle
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Blackgaard's Castle was a popular kids hangout, built and designed by Dr. Regis Blackgaard in #77: “The Nemesis, Part 1”. In Dr. Blackgaard's own words, his building was an amusement house for kids with displays, games, and snacks. Dr. Blackgaard ran into unexpected opposition from Tom Riley who was concerned that Regis would not divulge more specific plans for Blackgaard's Castle. Thanks to some clever and devious maneuvering by Regis and his thug, Richard Maxwell, Tom was not present when the town council voted to give Regis the business licence he needed to begin operation.

Once Blackgaard's Castle was in operation, kids flocked to it from all over, mainly because Dr. Blackgaard let them run wild, playing arcade games and other questionable amusements - the complete opposite of Whit's End. But this was all a front, as Dr. Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell were secretly hacking into the computers at Whit's End, trying to steal Whit's powerful Applesauce program.

Richard eventually wised up to Dr. Blackgaard's nefarious intentions and drastically put a stop to it by causing Blackgaard's Castle to burn down. After that, the charred remains sat empty for two years until Dr. Blackgaard had them torn down, and Bart Rathbone built the Electric Palace in its place.


  • Dr. Blackgaard states in The Nemesis that he needs a business license, indicating that Blackgaard's Castle has already been built.
  • As the fire Richard Maxwell has caused rages, Blackgaard disappears downstairs, yet they don't find any trace of him in the rubble. He possibly has a escape hatch hidden in his office for a quick and secret getaway. He does mention one at the end of Waylaid in the Windy City.