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Rusty Gordon (Malone)
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Rusty Gordon is a member of the Bones of Rath. His name seems to have changed, along with his voice, from Malone to Gordon. He is first and foremost a bully, but he took part in the Kid's Radio show "The Twilife Zone".


Rusty has no family that is known to ever appear in Odyssey, but from #230: “Our Father”, it is known his father isn't around very much. Although this was before his name changed, his presumed second father doesn't seem to influence, or possibly, be able to influence, him in any better way.

As of #263: “When Bad Isn't So Good”, we learn that his father is a city worker.

Rusty is the best friend of Rodney Rathbone.


Rusty's friends seem to consist almost exclusively of the Bones of Rath. Rusty seems to get along well with Rodney Rathbone personally, being the only one to remain with him after his failed power struggle with Jellyfish.

In The Election Deception, Rusty admitted to having a fondness for Courtney Vincent.

Major Stories

Rusty is a minor character and has never played much of an important role in Adventures in Odyssey, except for one scene in the Blackgaard saga when he told Rodney Rathbone about Jellyfish's laptop computer, which had incriminating evidence on it. Most recently, in #580: “Tales of a Small-Town Thug”, he wrote a book, titled Tales of a Small-Town Thug, which makes fun of Odyssey and the people in it. He also created a blog that made even more fun of Odyssey and even released that Jason Whittaker was an international spy for the NSA after Jason anonymously called and told him so. However, because of this, he was brought in for questioning by the NSA, and let go with a warning afterwards. It should be noted this is the last time Rusty or his blog are mentioned, so it can be presumed that he might have shut down the blog or didn't lampoon Odyssey as much.



Rusty Gordon (Malone): It's all over school how you accused Shannon of stealing your speech. I like that. Making your opponent look like a lousy crook. Made me wish I would have done that.

#284: “The Election Deception”

Rusty Gordon (Malone): Would you like it if someone bad-mouthed your dad?
Sam Johnson: You did one time.
Rusty Gordon (Malone): Uhhhhh... did you like it?
Sam Johnson: No!
Rusty Gordon (Malone): Well, neither do I.

#263: “When Bad Isn't So Good”

Rusty Gordon (Malone) : You calling me a sissy?!
Jimmy Barclay: Well, if the dress fits!

#230: “Our Father”

Rusty Gordon (Malone) : Here's some money, Mr. Whittaker. Uh, keep the change.
John Whittaker: Uh, thanks, Rusty.
Sam Johnson: They're up to something...
John Whittaker: They sure are. He was 15 cents short.

#259: “The Potential in Elliot”

Dale Jacobs: Congratulations, Rusty.
Rusty Gordon (Malone) : Thanks. And thank you all. Because without you, there would've been no one to clap for me.

#282: “The Fundamentals”

Charles Thompson: Is your sister as smart as you?
Rusty Gordon (Malone): ...Maybe even smarter.

#307: “Poetry in Slow Motion”

Nicholas Adamsworth: There are a number of guys in our school who would very much like to hurt me very badly. I don't like to be hurt. It's very painful.
Rusty Gordon (Malone): Very.

#239: “The Power”

Rusty Gordon: I have a question to see if Sam's rubbing off on you. Answer this question—how much time have you spent in his tree house doing any of the following: finger painting, making baby snow-cones, or pretending to be any kind of crime fighting team?

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”

Rusty Gordon: Ah, I love the sound of desperate children willing to sell their very lives to me. Hmm, that’d make a good poem.

#307: “Poetry in Slow Motion”

Jellyfish: Ya see, Rusty, when you've been around for as long as I have, you learn to do a little thing called CYB.
Rusty Gordon: CYB?
Jellyfish: Yeah. Cover your bases. That's what this computer's all about. A little insurance policy.

#332: “Another Chance”

Rusty Gordon: You really don't know any [dirty jokes]?
Sam Johnson: No.
Rusty Gordon: Well, maybe you can make one up. Let me help you. Try to think of the three most disgusting things you've ever heard of.
Sam Johnson: What?
Rusty Gordon: Okay, I got mine. You got yours?
Sam Johnson: No.
Rusty Gordon: All right, I'll let you use mine. Number one...
Sam Johnson: <interrupting> I don't wanna hear this.
Rusty Gordon: You know, you're really not getting into the spirit of this. Maybe we need to smear some pimento cheese or something on your face. That'll get you thinking disgusting thoughts.

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”

Rusty Gordon: What’d ya do, break a fingernail?
Brian Evans: Har, har. Hey, look, Rodney, a monkey who talks! <Rodney chuckles>
Rusty Gordon: Oh, you're a really funny guy, ain’t ya?
Brian Evans: Not as funny as your face!!

#325: “Angels Unaware”

Rusty Gordon: Let's find out who it was and just pound him.
Rodney Rathbone: We gotta do more than pound him.
Rusty Gordon: You mean, you wanna do something in addition to pounding him?
Rodney Rathbone: Exactly.
Rusty Gordon: Oh, okay. Just as long as pounding is included.

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”

Rodney Rathbone: Okay, so Wednesday we're beating up Todd, right?
Rusty Gordon: I thought we said Thursday!
Brian Evans: No, Thursday we're egging the nursing home.

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”


Rusty Gordon (Malone) is voiced by Shawn Svoboda, has appeared in 15 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Rusty Gordon (Malone)}}%.

Rusty Gordon (Malone) has been mentioned in 11 episodes.

Rusty Gordon (Malone) has appeared in 1 comic story arc(s).