Red Herring

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#458: “Red Herring”
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35: The Big Picture
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1 Thessalonians 4:11

11Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you,

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Red Herring

“Red Herring” is episode #458 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by John Fornof, and originally aired on December 9, 2000.


Alex Jefferson and his cousin, Cal Jordan, attempt to find out what Eugene is doing at Campbell College.


Alex Jefferson and Cal Jordan are on a planetarium field trip to Campbell County Community College (CCCC). They see Eugene and say hi, but... he ignores them! They decide, or at least Cal decides for them, to go see what the problem is. When they get stopped by a security officer, they realize something is definitely going on. Meanwhile back at Whit's End, Connie is telling Whit that the phone lines were out that morning and that a lady came by to fix them. Connie says "It was weird - I didn't have to call them or anything."

At Alex's house, the boys decide to go on the CCCC website to see if they can find anything. They find something in Eugene's profile called RWS (Radio-Wave Study). But to get more info they need to have a password. Suddenly, they get an instant message from someone named AREM. He asks them if they want the password and Cal, to Alex's dismay, says yes. He says the password is "Red Herring". They type it in and the computer crashes. Later, Alex's mom walks in with his dad saying that the College accused her of hacking into the college computer. Eventually, they figure out that it was the boys who were responsible.

The boys are told that they need to come down to the police station. When a policeman asks them which one of them is AREM, they say that neither of them are. He believes them and tells them that AREM is a professional computer hacker who has broken into many systems. He also says that they should go back onto the college website so they can try to trace AREM. AREM is there once again and with a little trouble they figure out where AREM is hiding. He is hiding at...Whit's End!

The officer asks Whit about it and he says he hasn't even been in his office today. But then he remembers about the phone lines. They go up to Whit's office and find a modem that Whit didn't install in there. The officer tries to take it apart but it self-destructs. It looks like they are right back where they started.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why didn't Whit want Connie talking about Eugene on the radio?
  2. What did Alex's dad tell him about being too curious?
  3. Have you ever been really curious about something?
    • How can curiosity be a good thing?
    • When is it a bad thing?


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Character Mentioned By
Eugene Meltsner Cal Jordan
Monica Stone Connie Kendall
Nick Mulligan Connie Kendall




Cal Jordan: What d'you think they're doing in there?
Alex Jefferson: They're probably punishing the last kid they caught standing here!

Alex Jefferson: Are you crazy? Come back here! We could get arrested or shot or something!
Cal Jordan: Cool!

Cal Jordan: You're so funny when you get scared!
Alex Jefferson: You're so corkbrained when you get curious!

Detective Mark Maddox: Somewhere out there is a professional hacker who's been repeatedly breaking into the college computer system over the past two weeks. We've been trying to follow the trail, but he—or she—is very slippery. However, thanks to Alex and Cal's little misadventure yesterday, we now have a name: AREM. And a possible way to catch our hacker.

Detective Mark Maddox: A self-destructing modem! That's a clever feature.
Connie Kendall: Yeah, every modem should have one.

Alex Jefferson: Okay, I confess! <beat> Cal did it.