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The Israelites was a "good gang" that played a major role in the climax of the Blackgaard saga. The group was started by Whit and originally used as a way to bring the Bible to life for the kids of Odyssey. However, shortly after the gang began, they took on a different purpose, doing good deeds around town. They met at night during the summer to get their "assignments" and complete them secretly during the night, or when they knew the recipients of the good deeds were away. The gang members went their separate ways after about two years.

After Jack Allen and Jason Whittaker met one of the members, Billy McPherson, Jack decided to restart the gang to combat the growing problem of vandalism from the Bones of Rath, with the help of Billy. Members of the new group included Charles Thompson, Erica Clark, Courtney Vincent, Sam Johnson, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, and Connie Kendall. However, after Brian Evans, who served as a spy for the Bones, was found out and beaten up, Jack shut down the gang.

The gang experienced a third revival when Jason Whittaker decided to bring them back together, determining that the battle still needed to be fought. The Israelites continued to clean up vandalism, and, near the end of the saga, ultimately brought down Jellyfish. Presumably after the saga's conclusion, the Israelites disbanded, as they have not been heard from since.