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Renee Carter
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Renee D. Carter is Scottish. She struggles with faith but has a knack for computers and math.


Early in her life, Renee’s dog passed away. She had faith, but lost it after he died. Thus, she devoted her thinking to proof, rather than faith. Her faith is largely based in math; however, she is being influenced at Whit's End due to her internship, and her relationship with Connie and Eugene. She is part of a mechanical engineering program at Campbell College. Her job at Whit's End is "helping out designing, engineering, and repairing [Whit’s] amazing inventions."


  • Renee has a light Scottish accent.
  • Her middle initial is "D."
  • She has skills in engineering and computers; her [college] major is mechanical engineering and her minor is computer sciences. She claims that she and machines understand each other, and looks at computers as "Snapped together toys."
  • She is a lot like Eugene in that they are both good with computers, they both came to Whit's End through an internship with Campbell College, when Connie first met them she did not recognize them, and they were both not Christians at first.
  • Evidently, she gives Eugene a run for his money.
  • Clubhouse Magazine June 2016 hinted that Renee might become a regular character.
  • She keeps a voice-memo diary.
  • She had a dog named Cogito, but he died. She uses a computer program to imitate his voice. She refers to him affectionately as "Cog."
  • She is a good singer.
  • Renee D. Carter's name is a play on the 17th century Frenchman René Descartes (day-KART). Descartes was a mathematician (Like Renee) and a philosopher (Renee expresses interest in faith). Her dog Cogito is an obvious reference to Descartes' axiom, Cogito, ergo sum. (“I think, therefore I am.”)
  • She rides a bike. (#831: “Crash Course”)
  • So far, she has only appeared in AIO Club-exclusive episodes.


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Renee Carter is voiced by Amy Pemberton, has appeared in 12 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89%.

Renee Carter has been mentioned in 1 episode.