Video Game Machines at Whit's End

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These video games were probably a standard joystick and multi-button arcade-style game. Originally it was designed without a volume control, although one was probably installed later. They were also put in a sound proof room in Whit's End by Jason Whittaker, after the concerns of Jack Allen.

Jason re-designed it so the kids would learn more, but still the video games at Whit's End were not approved by many parents of children listening to Odyssey. Although it never has said so in the series, The Complete Guide says that they were taken out.


  • Elijah and Elisha (Multi-level game, originally a voice came on during rounds and explained about the two prophets).
  • The Israelites (As an Israelite, you are chased by Egyptians. You can repel them by throwing Plagues on them, and escape by parting the Red Sea).

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