The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

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#685: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7”
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October 4, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7” is episode #685 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on April 23, 2011.


Whit explores technology to find Monty while Connie explores Wooton’s feelings for Penny. Katrina grows suspicious of Buck while Emily’s trust in him grows as she helps him find the Appleberry. Detective Polehaus goes to Wally Haggler to investigate a lead.


Agent Tanner is angry with John Whittaker and Detective Polehaus for their plan at the carnival. She wonders why they didn't let her in on their plan and then figures it out; because they don't trust her. Whit states that someone blew Monty's cover and asks Tanner if she did. She avoids the question, and she says they have to work together to find Monty. She tells them that she is going to talk to the pilot and that they can continue with their investigation. Polehaus gets an anonymous tip off about some suspicious equipment at Haggler's Junkyard and he says he'll look into it.

Once she leaves, Whit states that he wants to look into the chip implanted in Monty, convinced that it could be a tracker as well. Polehaus mentions that a toothpick was found at the location where Monty went missing. He asks Whit to have one of his employees get a spit sample from Buck to see if it's a match with that toothpick. Polehaus leaves to check out the lead at Haggler's.

At Whit's End, Wooton Bassett brings Connie Kendall the mail early, and Connie figures that it's because Wooton likes Penny and wants her to find out if she feels the same way. Connie says she will, and then Wooton leaves as Whit comes in. Whit asks Connie if Eugene is in, and Connie says he won't be in till later. So Whit says he'll have to call him. Connie feels left in the dark, but Whit says he'll answer questions when he can.

Polehaus goes to Haggler's Junkyard to follow the tip off and talks to Wally Haggler. He explains he got an anonymous tip off about some printing equipment in the storage shed. Wally reluctantly takes him there.

Eugene hangs up the phone after talking with Whit who asked him to come in to Whit's End. Katrina has been on the computer all morning looking into the house they looked at last night. She's concerned that Buck is in a bad situation. She found that the house is rented to a company and the key was giving to a local company to do fix up work on it. No one is supposed to be living in it right now. She plans to talk to Buck about it.

Emily Jones walks in to Whit's End and tells Connie she's gonna meet Buck to look for his missing phone. Connie asks her to make sure he's back on time for his first day on the job and that she has to go to the college early to because Dr. Trask wants to talk to her. Buck Oliver comes in and leaves with Emily.

Buck and Emily cross a creek across some stepping stones to look at some shoe prints. She notices two sets, kid sized with an eagle brand logo. Jay Smouse appears from the bushes exclaiming that he saw the whole moment with them holding hands across the creek. He was on his way to the junkyard. He tells them the shoe prints are Matthew Parker's and tells them about the phone he found. Buck mentions that maybe the phone Matthew found is his missing phone. Buck has to go back to Whit's End for his job, and Emily decides to go talk to Matthew.

Wally shows Polehaus the storage shed but there is no printing equipment. Polehaus isn't quite convinced that there wasn't equipment in there at one time. Jay comes in and Polehaus tricks Jay into revealing that there was equipment in there the day before. Wally says he'll cooperate if Polehaus doesn't treat him as if he's done something wrong. Wally tells him that he did some checking of his own. They describe Skint and Buck, and show him the printing equipment and tell where skint and Buck are holding up.

Whit is downloading a program of some sort as Eugene comes in. Whit tells him that Monty is missing again and that with the help of the chip implanted in him he plans to try to find him on his own. Whit talked to a friend on the phone who created the chip technology and she sent him the program. Whit asks Eugene to help him finish setting up the program and configure it with the satellite on the roof. Connie interrupts on the speaker phone to say that she has to go to the college soon. She tells Eugene to give Buck a tour of the shop. Then Whit tells Eugene that Buck may be in on the green ring conspiracy and that he needs to him do something else too.

Emily rings a doorbell and Matthew Parker answers it. She apologizes for ditching him at the carnival. Matthew tells her that he doesn't trust Buck, and Emily thinks it's because he's jealous. She tells him that Jay mentioned that he had found a phone and that Buck thinks it's his. Matthew realizes that since Buck started working there, he may have access to the basement. Matthew decides to go to Whit's End to meet Buck.

Discussion Questions

  1. How did Detective Polehaus’s bias against Wally Haggler affect his judgment?
  2. What would you have done?
  3. Have you ever felt like Matthew did after Emily left him at the carnival?
  4. What did you do?


Heard in episode

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Monty Whittaker Lauren Tanner
Penny Wise Connie Kendall
Jebidiah Skint Eugene Meltsner
Benjamin Trask Connie Kendall
Barrett Jones Emily Jones
Archie Haggler Wally Haggler
Derk Begs Wally Haggler
Diane John Whittaker


  • Eugene said in an earlier episode that Katrina did not often become personally involved with the students she tutored, but he reminds her in this episode that she quit tutoring due to her habit of getting too involved in their lives.



Jay Smouse: I bet you already blabbed about the AppleBerry phone he's been working on.
Emily Jones: What AppleBerry phone?
Buck Oliver: He found the phone?
Jay Smouse: Yeah. And he's gonna be really ticked when he finds out you told. You're a regular Judas Benedict Arnold!
Emily Jones: Jay! You just told us. We didn't know!
Jay Smouse: I—I di—, gotta go!

Emily Jones: I’m on a case!
Jay Smouse: Yeah? Well, so am I. And I bet my case is bigger than your case.
Emily Jones: Oh, really?
Jay Smouse: Yeah, like yours is probably just a little case with clip lock combination thingies, where my case is like a big trunk with lots of compartments and huge steel padlocks that are STRONG...
Buck Oliver: Weren’t you goin’ to your uncle’s?
Jay Smouse: Oh, yeah, yeah…got lost in the metaphor for a second.

Don Polehaus: I'll check with you later, and get me that kid's spit.
John Whittaker: You have a way with words, Detective.

Connie Kendall: Oh, I get it. You wanna talk about Penny.
Wooton Bassett: Uh...Penny?
Connie Kendall: Yeah, right. You're smitten, aren't you?
Wooton Bassett: Uh, uh...smitten. Isn't that some sort of fuzzy glove-ware?

Connie Kendall: I can see it in your eyes, Wooton. You've already got the symptoms. I bet you had a hard time falling asleep last night 'cause you were thinking about her. You didn't have breakfast this morning because for some reason you lost your appetite. You've been talking about her even to total strangers. You can't concentrate on anything. You're anxious that she doesn't feel the same way you do. And finally, you delivered the mail early because you want me to find out if she feels the same way as you.
Wooton Bassett: That's amazing, Connie. That's uncanny. It's like you're living in a refrigerator box in a municipal park of my mind. Which is really sort of creepy when you think about it.

Jay Smouse: Yeah, you heard me! Or do I have to say it again in Braille?