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Universal Press Foundation
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The Universal Press Foundation (or UPF) is a fictional publishing company based in Chicago. John Whittaker is the company's founder, principal shareholder and chairman of the board. UPF publishes the Universal Encyclopedia.


In #19: “Recollections”, the Universal Press Foundation outbid the Webster Development Firm in order for the Fillmore Recreation Center and its adjoining land to become Whit's End. Their bid was half a million dollars more than what was going to be the successful bid, standing at a significant $3.5 million.

UPF owns Macadamia Publishing, supports, and runs a missions organization through the missions board.

In #637: “The Forgotten Deed”, UPF bought McAlister Park from the McAlister Family after the City of Odyssey didn't keep their end of the lease from the McAlister Deed.


According to #739: “The Launch, Part 1”, the encyclopedia is no longer published but has moved to an online resource only. Its website is universalpressfoundation.com.