Box of Miracles

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#494: “Box of Miracles”
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38: Battle Lines
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Psalm 20:7

7Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

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Box of Miracles

“Box of Miracles” is episode #494 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Nathan Hoobler, and originally aired on June 1, 2002.


Novacom releases the Novabox, an amazing new technology that seems to heal Tom Riley’s wife, Agnes. Meanwhile, Whit discovers who really owns his shop in Connellsville.


Introducing the Novabox, a breakthrough product that Novacom claims will improve learning, help the handicapped, and be the best gaming console in history! Whit tells Jason that the box is the culmination of everything that’s happened. Jason says that he’ll search through Eugene’s disk to try to find any information he can.

Just then, Tom arrives to take Whit to Hillingdale Haven to see Agnes. Whit finds that the once mentally-unstable Agnes is much improved. She’s remembering things that happened years and years ago, painting, and playing the piano. Whit and Tom are both very happy.

While at Hillingdale, Whit visits Arthur Dent, who seems to be fine, but tells Whit that Andromeda will use the box for mind control to take over the world. He also warns Whit that Andromeda will do anything to stop him. Worried about Mr. Dent, Whit talks to Dr. Jennings, who tells him that both Mr. Dent and Agnes Riley were treated with the Novabox. Whit is alarmed and tries to convince Tom to stop Agnes’s treatment with the box. Tom says this is a dream come true. He won’t make Agnes stop.

It’s the Cryin’ Bryan Dern show! The topic: The Novabox. Whit lays out his concerns with the Novabox, but Dern berates him for his beliefs. He brings in Martha Carmen, community relations rep for Novacom. She insists that Whit is just criticizing Novacom yet again. Isn’t that song getting old? In fact, she wonders why Whit is "biting the hand that feeds him" as Andromeda owns Mary's Story Shop which owns Whit’s End in Connellsville. Whit is surprised, but Dern thinks this makes Whit out to be a hypocrite. He says Odyssey can’t trust Whit.

Whit arrives in Connellsville to talk to Mary Hopkins who tells him that Andromeda has owned Mary's Story Shop for years. Whit says that he won’t be owned by Andromeda. He’s going to either withdraw everything from the shop or buy it completely. Mary says she’ll have to ask the board about Whit. Whit says he’ll go to the board meeting with her.

Back at Whit’s End, Whit fills Jason in and the two of them fall on their knees in prayer. Whit goes back to Hillingdale where Tom tells him that he’s taking Agnes home. Just as they are talking, Dr. Jennings runs up to tell Whit that Arthur Dent is missing. Dr. Jennings thinks he’s escaped, while Whit wonders if he was kidnapped.

Discussion Questions

  1. Agnes, Tom, and the doctors put a lot of faith in the Novabox. Read Psalm 20:7. Where should we put our trust?
    • Why?
  2. Hebrews 11 lists some people who had faith in God. If you were on that list, what would you want the chapter to say about you?
  3. It took courage for Whit to appear on Bryan Dern’s show. Read 2 Thessalonians 3:13. When have you needed courage to do the right thing?
    • How did it turn out?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Agnes Riley Susan Silo
Arthur Dent Christopher Snell
Bryan Dern Corey Burton
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
Dr. Jennings Corey Burton
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Martha Carmen Debbie McLeod
Mary Hopkins Natalie O'Hare
Novacom Commercial Actor #1 Unknown
Novacom Commercial Actor #2 Unknown
Novacom Commercial Actor #3 Corey Burton
Novacom Commercial Actor #4 Townsend Coleman
Novacom Commercial Actor #5 Unknown
Novacom Commercial Actor #6 Corey Burton
Novacom Commercial Actor #7 Bob Hoose
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Eugene Meltsner Jason Whittaker
Connie Kendall Agnes Riley
Fionna Donneral Agnes Riley




Whit: So, what's their goal?
Arthur Dent: Quite simple, really. Operation Think Tank will enslave the human race. Would you like a muffin?

Jason Whittaker: Isn't that what the enemy does sometimes? Tries to use our own goodness against us?
Whit: Jason, what I'm seeing is that I'm not spending enough time seeking God's wisdom and help. Novacom has planned everything to the finest detail, but God is bigger than Novacom, than Andromeda, and whatever else they have up their sleeves.