Chains, Part 1

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#468: “Chains, Part 1”
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36: Danger Signals
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Matthew 25:36

36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

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Chains, Part 1

“Chains, Part 1” is episode #468 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on April 28, 2001.


As construction begins on Whit's End in Connellsville, Whit learns that many people don't want his shop there after all.


Tom and Whit are looking over the plans for one of the biggest endeavors of Whit's life in Odyssey - the creation of a new Whit's End in Connellsville. Tom notices that the plans are very similar to the current Whit's End and even finds out that Whit plans to build the new Whit's End in a similar area to the current one. Tom wonders if Whit might consider building the new Whit's End in Oswald Heights to minister to a different kind of people than the current Whit's End. Whit asks Mary Hopkins about the idea, but she says two simple words, "Absolutely not!" Thinking he's crazy, Mary asks the board about the possibility and they surprisingly approve it unanimously.

Pulling up to the demolition site weeks later, Whit finds that Oswald Heights residents aren't very happy about the new building. Despite some trouble, the demolition crew destroys the building. Just then, Tony (from "Best Laid Plans") runs up and tries to stop the destruction. Before Whit can stop him, he and his sister Brianna (who Whit discovered in the abandoned building) run away. Later, Whit goes to the Connellsville police to track down the pair and finds then under a bridge. Brianna is sick and Tony reveals that he had a guitar and notebook full of songs in the building. Whit offers to take Brianna to the doctor and Tony reluctantly agrees. After a quick stop at the doctor's office, Whit takes the two of them to his house where they have a warm meal. Whit finds out that the two of them are staying with an alcoholic cousin. Tom stops by to tell Whit about a neighborhood meeting about the new Whit's End; Tom thinks they may be voting to try to stop the construction. The next day Whit stops at the construction site and finds a mess. The builder refuses to build anymore until they can guarantee him his work won't be in vain. Mary is frustrated and says that they have to get out of Oswald Heights. The story continues in part II...

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why didn't the Connellsville residents want a Whit's End in their town?
  2. Did Tony have a right to be mad at Whit?
    • Why or why not?
  3. Why did Tony think that Whit had taken he and Brianna in?
    • Why do you think Whit took them in?


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Robert Mitchell Connie Kendall
Eugene Meltsner John Whittaker
Nick Mulligan John Whittaker
Jack Allen John Whittaker




Mary Hopkins: We need to take the hint. We have to get out of Oswald Heights.

Tom Riley: It just seems to me that the reason you did this was to reach more people. This would be your chance to connect with some that have hardly heard the name of Jesus. I know a few of these kids and they are tough, but they're reachable. They need a place like Whit's End more than anyone.