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Benjamin Trask
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Benjamin Trask is an accomplished artist, art historian, and graphic designer at Campbell County Community College who was involved in the counterfeiting conspiracy of the Green Ring. When the conspiracy was broken and he was arrested, he was tried and found guilty of all 20 charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Penny Wise, his teaching assistant and former student, was among those who testified against him.


Don Polehaus: Is there some place we can talk privately?
Penny Bassett: Oh. How about the Agora cafe downstairs? They have a private room. And I just LOVE their apple strudels!!
Don Polehaus: OK.
Benjamin Trask: Since Penny is my student, I ought to be there.
Don Polehaus: Suits me.
Penny Bassett: Oh, can Connie come with me? For moral support?
Don Polehaus: Sure.
Connie Kendall: Well, if I'm going, then Whit has to come too.
John Whittaker: Alright.
Don Polehaus: Anyone else? Maybe we should invite the whole class.
Penny Bassett: Don't be silly. There wouldn't be enough strudel for the whole class.

#683: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5”


Benjamin Trask is voiced by Steve Franken, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 96.5%.

Benjamin Trask has been mentioned in 7 episodes.