Operation Think Tank

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Operation Think Tank was Novacom's Master Plan. The main goal was to create a product that would have given Andromeda complete access to influence the minds and thoughts of people around the world. That product was the Novabox. Andromeda had three main purposes;

  1. The product (the Novabox) they developed could be used to influence people's minds to buy a certain product. Then Andromeda could sell products with amazing speed. Then other companies would pay Andromeda millions so they can sell their products just as well.
  2. The product could also influence the voter's opinions. Candidates from domestic elections and international elections would pay Andromeda a great sum of money so that voter's would vote for them.
  3. The most powerful purpose of all is that Andromeda could determine what ideas people would believe. So then people would act and believe like Andromeda wanted them to act or believe. Or people with lots of money could make people believe or act like they wanted them to believe or act.

Mr. Charles received some of Andromeda's plans by email from The Chairman. The plan was foiled in the end but Andromeda came very close from finalizing Operation Think Tank. They had already swayed voter's opinions and made people buy stuff they really didn't need.

The plan originally passed twelve to one among Andromeda's board of directors, with Armitage Shanks as the most likely holdout.