The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 6

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#684: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 6”
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July 21, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 6

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 6” is episode #684 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on April 16, 2011.


Everyone goes to Uncle Archie's Carnival. There, Connie and Matthew both feel excluded from new friendships between Penny, Wooton, Buck, and Emily. Whit, Detective Polehaus, and Monty investigate clues, and Katrina meets Mr. Skint.


John Whittaker and Detective Polehaus go back to Monty Whittaker at Whit's house and bring Monty up to date. Polehaus believes that Uncle Archie's Carnival is a front to move the money with all the carnival equipment being sold. Monty points out that everything is pointing to the carnival and that they needed to pay a visit to the carnival. Whit protested, but Monty insisted that he has to go and that he'll be disguised as a clown selling balloons. Then they agreed, they would go to the carnival.

Connie Kendall and Penny Wise are at the college talking when Wooton Bassett walks up. Wooton is there to do a talk about comic books. After chatting with Connie and Penny he invites them to meet him at the carnival later that night.

Eugene Meltsner and Matthew Parker are at Whit's End and Emily Jones walks up and asks Matthew if he's going to the carnival and he says he hadn't decided yet. Emily leaves and Katrina Meltsner enters. She mentions that she is going to the carnival so Skint can sign that form. Eugene is more than willing to go too, and Matthew decides he'll go so Emily will stop being mad at him.

Later at the carnival, Polehaus, Monty, and Whit park a ways from the carnival and walk from there. After giving basic instructions and going over what their doing, They go their separate ways. Whit and Polehaus are going to Archie Haggler's office, and Monty is going to keep a low profile and scout around.

Wooton meets Connie and Penny at the carnival and Penny and Wooton hit it off right away and are super excited to ride all the rides. Connie follows behind them.

Whit and Polehaus follow a sign that leads them to Uncle Archie's office, a large gypsy wagon. They knock on the door and Archie answers. They introduced themselves, and Polehaus tells him that they've found a link between the carnival and a counterfeit ring. The link being an employee of his who commissioned the making of the posters. Archie says that he'll have his secretary look into it.

Buck Oliver finds Katrina and says Mr. Skint is waiting in the truck behind the maze of mirrors. Buck leads her to him.

Penny, Wooton, and Connie finish riding a ride and Connie is ready for a break. Penny starts to agree, but Wooton wants to go on the Whiplash Roller Coaster. Upon mentioning it Penny gets really excited and runs off with Wooton to go on it. Connie stays behind and waits on a bench.

Katrina meets Mr. Skint and talks about his job a little bit and then Skint signs the papers. She tells him that he can start work tomorrow. Skint tells Buck that he can enjoy the carnival and to meet him back later. Katrina thanks Mr. Skint and leaves. Right after, Monty appears and approaches Mr. Skint. After some small talk, Monty gets hit from behind. Mr. Skint tells someone to put him in the back of the truck.

Buck runs into Emily and Matthew. Emily invites him to go with her and Matthew. Upon mentioning the Whiplash and it's really long line, Buck says that he can get them to the front because he has connections.

Wally Haggler and Jay Smouse bump into Archie. Wally requests that he not be involved with whatever Archie is up to. He brings up his goons and the equipment that was dropped off and again tells him to leave him alone. Polehaus and Whit walk up as Wally and Jay leave. Polehaus asks about the name but Archie's secretary couldn't find anything. They leave to look for Monty.

Emily and Buck lost Matthew and Buck won Emily a stuffed dinosaur at the shooting gallery. Buck asks Emily if she can help him with finding his phone that he lost in the woods. Emily says yes.

Eugene finds Katrina at the carnival and is ready to ride rides. Katrina on the other hand has other business in mind first. Her whole meeting with Skint left her suspicious. She is insistent on seeing where Buck lives and Eugene agrees to go with her.

Matthew finds Connie sitting on a bench and sits with her. They exchange talk about feeling like a third wheel. Wooton runs up frantically to Connie exclaiming that he lost Penny in the hall of mirrors and needs her help. Connie goes with Wooton and leaves Matthew alone. Jay calls Matthew from behind a trash can and tells Matthew Buck shouldn't be trusted. Then he disappears into the trash cans. Matthew is convinced that things are getting weird.

Katrina and Eugene check out the address that Buck put on the application, and Katrina isn't convinced that it's their real house. Eugene thinks she's being obsessive, and since they're done with that they go back to the carnival and ride the Tilt'n'Whirl.

Whit and Polehaus look for Monty and only find traces of his clown outfit. Polehaus thinks that he's done his disappearing act again though Whit think it wasn't by choice. Whit finds some traces of face paint on the grass, evidence that Monty was taken by force. They theorize that the reason Monty left the main grounds was because he saw someone he knew; namely the man from the dock. Whit says a prayer of protection for Monty.

Discussion Questions

  1. At the end of this episode, Whit stops to ask God for help. Have you ever done that in the middle of a big problem?
  2. Did it help?
  3. If so, have you thanked God for helping you?
  4. Ask your parents if they ever had a hard choice to make and prayed about it.
  5. What was the result?


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Nick Smouse Wally Haggler
Silvia Smouse Wally Haggler


  • Katrina tells Eugene that they have never been to a carnival together, but then tells Matthew that Eugene "screams like a little girl" on a carnival ride. Possibly he rode it at a theme park.
  • When Monty meets Mr. Skint, he calls him "Mr. Skint"; however, he told Whit beforehand that he didn't know the name of the man he met on the dock.



Wooton Bassett: Connie! Connie, I really need your help real bad!! <calm> Oh, hi Matthew. How are you?
Matthew Parker: Hi, Wooton.
Wooton Bassett: Hi! <frantic again> Oh, Connie, Connie, listen! Penny is lost in the Hall of Mirrors! I can hear her in there, but I can't find her!!! You gotta help!! Oh, come on, come on, its this way...uh...maybe its over here, I don't know. Oh, come with me either way! Come on!

Jay Smouse: Psst! Hey Parker!
Matthew Parker: Jay?
Jay Smouse: Over here. Behind the trash can.
Matthew Parker: Um, why are you hiding behind a trash can? You know it's unhealthy to chew gum that's been thrown out by other people.
Jay Smouse: I gave that up years ago. I'm on a stakeout.

Jay Smouse: Now listen. I saw Emily with the new kid, Buck.
Matthew Parker: Uh, what about it?
Jay Smouse: I don't trust him.
Matthew Parker: Why not?
Jay Smouse: Because he's not to be trusted.
Matthew Parker: Jay, putting the words in a different order doesn't make it clearer.

Jay Smouse: I'm just saying! We'll talk - later.
Matthew Parker: Um, OK. But Jay! Jay! Is it my imagination, or are things getting weird around here?
Jay Smouse: Things are getting weird!
Matthew Parker: Will you come out from behind there?
Jay Smouse: No! I'm really gone this time. See Ya!!

Eugene Meltsner: So, do we have time for the carnival? One ride on the Tilt 'n' Whirl?
Katrina Meltsner: Only if you promise not to scream like a little girl!
Eugene Meltsner: What?! I don't scream! <sounds of Eugene in the Tilt 'n' Whirl screaming>

Eugene Meltsner: We haven't been to a carnival since-
Katrina Meltsner: We've never been to a carnival.
Eugene Meltsner: Oh, that was the time...