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#719: “The Bible Network”
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January 17, 2012
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56: The Grand Design
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2 Timothy 3:16

16All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,

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The Bible Network

“The Bible Network” is episode #719 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on November 3, 2012.


Kids' Radio plays out the value of reading Scripture in three acts - a game show called “Who's the Real Sheep,” a crime drama “BSI: Bible Study Investigation,” and an intensive training regime called “Bible Boot Camp.”


Kids Radio presents a show called The Bible Network. It consists of three sketches to show the importance of the Bible. The first is a game show called “Who's the Real Sheep". Its goal is to answer a question posed by a listener; "A friend says that all one has to do get to heaven is to follow the Ten Commandments. Is this true?" The game show sketch presents five guests, four being false prophets and the fifth being the real deal. The contestant must figure out the difference by asking each member of the panel questions. Based on each response and the use of her “Ask the Bible” help, she deciphers which member is the real deal.

In the second sketch they address the comment “Sometimes I don't like reading the Bible because it reminds me of all the things I'm doing wrong”. The second sketch is called Bible Study Investigation (BSI): Danny's Apartment. It presents several cases, and each case is resolved and has a Bible verse connected to it. It reminds us that all scripture is inspired by God and is good for exposing our sin.

The final sketch looks at the question "My friend says that we can do whatever we think is right. What should I do?". Connie explains that the Bible is our source for determining what is right. The final sketch illustrates this through Bible Boot Camp. Three men take on the challenge of Bible Boot Camp. They study the Bible day in and day out. They have thirty days to show how Christ-like they've become. At the end of the thirty days, they are informed a winner will be determined. The sergeant falls into a well, and two of the three don't want to help him. The third insists and when questioned about why he helped, he quoted scripture and said he was living out the scripture. The third man was declared the winner for being the most Christ-like.

Connie concludes that if the word is inside of us. It teaches us to be righteous people.

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  • The sketch "BSI: Danny's Apartment" is a reference to the television series CSI.



Drill Sergeant Combs: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!

Stanley: We’ve been here three weeks and there’s only nine days until the end of the contest and we haven’t done anything except read our Bibles.
Drill Sergeant Combs: You know what, Stanley?
Stanley: What?
Drill Sergeant Combs: You’re right.
Stanley (c): Really?!
Drill Sergeant Combs: I forgot that you have a Master’s degree in counseling and went to seminary for four years and I completely blanked that you’ve been in the ministry for twenty-two years and have trained people in discipleship for the past six…
Stanley: You know, I didn’t do any of that.
Drill Sergeant Combs: You didn’t?
Stanley: Uh, no, that’s you.
Drill Sergeant Combs: THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S ME!!! NOW DO WHAT I SAY!!
Stanley: Uh, Yes, Sir.

Drill Sergeant Combs: What’s your name?
Rick: Rick.
Drill Sergeant Combs: Rick; beautiful name.
Rick: Thanks.
Drill Sergeant Combs: And I have one too! You will address me as Sir! Or Mr. Combs! Or Sergeant Combs! Or Drill Sergeant Combs! Or Brother Combs! Or Brother Drill Sergeant Combs!
Rick: Oh, OK, sure thing, dude.
Drill Sergeant Combs: Was DUDE one of the things you could call me?
Rick: No...

Drill Sergeant Combs: RICK!
Rick: Hi.
Drill Sergeant Combs: How much did you...hi WHAT?
Rick: Sir.
Drill Sergeant Combs: How much have you read??
Rick: Well, I have barely enough time to change my clothes...
Drill Sergeant Combs: Is the name of this camp Change My Clothes Boot Camp?
Rick: No.

Drill Sergeant Combs: Thirty verses! Twenty for not reading and ten for not addressing me properly! I am your drill sergeant! You are here to read, ladies! READ! Now get on it!

Rick: It's ok... I got ya...
Drill Sergeant Combs: I GOT YA WHAT??
Rick: I got ya, sir...

Drill Sergeant Combs: Give me a hug!
Stanley (c): Really?!
Drill Sergeant Combs: Sure!
Ron: Hey, I didn't know you gave hugs! Can I have one??

Drill Sergeant Combs: I'll see you at 1400 hours!!
Others: umm. . .
Drill Sergeant Combs: THAT'S TWO'O CLOCK NINNIES!!