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The Connie and Mitch Arc is a major subplot of the Novacom Saga. The two meet, date, and get really close. Then in Washington, D.C. they almost get married, but then make a mutual decision that it'd be best for the both of them if they didn't get married. Mitch moved on to Budapest, and Connie Kendall went back to Odyssey.

Connie Kendall
Robert Mitchell



Connie Kendall: You've got all these secrets. I feel like I'm dating the Pentagon, and I don't even know how to ask you about any of it. I mean, my biggest secret is that I'm afraid of staplers.

Robert Mitchell: Connie...

Connie Kendall: You're not gonna tell anyone, are you?

Robert Mitchell: I promise, but if you'll...You're afraid of staplers?

— “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course

Connie Kendall: (After Mitch says that he's going to start his own business) I dunno, Mitch. I mean, after your experience working with Novacom, aren't you just a little worried about corruption in the workplace?

Robert Mitchell: Oh, no, I've done a thorough background check on myself, and I'm clean!

Connie Kendall: Aren't you worried about you snitching on yourself? Word has it, you are quite a whistle-blower!

Robert Mitchell: Oh, I welcome whistle-blowing! If I start doing anything illegal behind my back I'll be the first person to tell myself, I promise!

Connie Kendall: So, the interview went well?

Robert Mitchell: Oh, I dazzled myself. I'm really a sharp guy, and I should be a great addition to my company.

Connie Kendall: Well, you probably wouldn't even have a company without you!

— “The Benefit of the Doubt