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Arthur Dent
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Arthur Dent was the general manager of Novacom's branch in Odyssey. He came across as very enthusiastic about the company's work in the area, calling it a "test market" that would influence their national and international dealings, but had qualities that Whit found off-putting. However, he also showed a sympathetic side in responding to a protest outside of Novacom's headquarters, and even took the time to candidly explain a few of the more frustrating aspects of show business to Connie Kendall.

While the exact details are unknown, Dent then turned against his superiors in Andromeda and disappeared from public view. Mr. Charles briefly took over his role as general manager, claiming that Dent's heart had not been in his work. Dent later contacted Jack Allen in Chicago and gave him a computer disk with information on Andromeda, just before Charles caught up with him and attempted to force his cooperation with a well-established "experiment".

Whatever happened to him, Dent was next known to be in a state comparable to a stroke victim or (as Joanne Allen put it) a shock therapy patient, raving about the people who wanted to kill him and pleading with Whit for help. After being sent to the mental health center Hillingdale Haven, he eventually managed to warn Whit about the true reason for the recently-released Novabox, casually offering him a muffin as he explained that Operation Think Tank would enslave the human race.

Concluding that only he could prevent the Launch Date from succeeding, Dent escaped from his room and ultimately turned out to be the culprit behind the destruction of Novacom's broadcasting tower in Odyssey. He was last known to still be suffering from whatever Mr. Charles did to him, with "off" mannerisms symptomatic of the experiment's effects on his brain, but content (and a little smug) in having "saved the world".


  • Arthur Dent may be a reference to the Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • However, since Arthur Dent's original name in the script was "Preston Dent", it probably is not a reference.


John Whittaker: So, what's their goal?
Arthur Dent: Quite simple, really. Operation Think Tank will enslave the human race. Would you like a muffin?

#494: “Box of Miracles”

John Whittaker: Arthur Dent? What are you doing here?
Arthur Dent: I saved the world!

#498: “Exactly as Planned”

Arthur Dent: They'll find me and kill me.
John Whittaker: Who?
Arthur Dent: The same people who killed Armitage Shanks! I have to go! They'll find out I'm here! Please, Whit!
John Whittaker: You need to calm down.
Arthur Dent: But you don't understand what's happening! No one does! If I stay here I'll be dead before morning! Help me, Whit! You have to help me now!

#487: “Plan B, Part 4: Resistance”


Arthur Dent is voiced by Christopher Snell, has appeared in 8 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 93%.

Arthur Dent has been mentioned in 4 episodes.