Accidental Dilemma, Part 2

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#635: “Accidental Dilemma, Part 2”
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50: The Best Small Town
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John 16:33

33"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

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Accidental Dilemma, Part 2

“Accidental Dilemma, Part 2” is episode #635 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on March 29, 2008.


When Jason Whittaker is revealed publicly as an intelligence agent, an old nemesis named The Whisperer tracks him to Odyssey.


Carson, Whit, and Tasha Forbes discover that the Whisperer did not fly away with Jason in the helicopter, but is still up in the mountains by Trickle Lake. Tasha and her agents storm the Whisperer’s hideout but the Whisperer has already left. He took Jason and Grady to Whit's End to try and get Jason to give him the computer program called Applesauce that Whit created, and that the Whisperer will use to rule the world.

Whit and Carson, who were at Trickle Lake, leave for Whit’s End to try and catch up with the Whisperer. Connie, who was monitoring Whit’s End for Whit, is kidnapped by Agent Huddleston, who double crossed Tasha and is working for the Whisperer.

The Whisperer and Jason get into the basement of Whit’s End where the Whisperer demands that Jason give him the computer program. Whit comes in and tells Jason not to give it to him, citing that he and Jason outnumber the Whisperer. Agent Huddleston steps in and evens things out, using Connie as a hostage to persuade Jason to give them the program. Jason reveals that the program that they think is Applesauce is actually a bomb that Jason can and will use if the Whisperer and Huddleston do not do as Jason says.

When they decide to cooperate, Jason and Whit find out that neither one of them know how to disarm the bomb. Jason takes off with the laptop through the tunnel to the park. Whit and the others run the other direction and get out of Whit’s End just before the explosion. Jason dies in the explosion. The Whisperer tries to get away, but is stopped by Carson who sabotaged his get away van, and Tasha who has just arrived with the rest of the police force.

Whit makes a trip away from Odyssey to grieve the death of his son. Or so it appears; until Whit meets up with him at a place called the Riviera. The two of them go over the recent events of the past few days: the Whisperer believes that Jason is dead. Tasha believes that as well, though she is suspicious that Jason is still alive. Jason knows that if Tasha finds him, he’ll have to live in a safe house since people know that he knows government secrets. So Jason decides that he will live in freedom under an alias name (Jason Israel). Though, the sad fact is, he can never come home to live permanently once again in Odyssey.

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Rusty Gordon (Malone) Tasha Forbes


  • Carson McKay is able to stop The Whisperer's car's engine from running by putting a potato in the exhaust pipe. Unfortunately, this is an urban legend that has been disproven repeatedly.



Grady McKay: So, when are you going to do it?
Jason Whittaker: Do what?
Grady McKay: Do that thing you do to escape! You know, pull a bazooka out of your wristwatch, or click your heels together and eject us through the roof!
Jason Whittaker: Sorry, I’m a gadget free agent.
The Whisperer: Whereas I am a gadget filled villain!

The Whisperer: Ah! Whit. At last we meet.
John Whittaker: At last. <pause> Should I know you?

The Whisperer: You have an awful lot of explosives around a kids' shop, Whittaker. Remind me not to send my nephews here.

The Whisperer: <talking about bomb code> You know, I always use my birthday.

Grady McKay: You dirty, rotten traitor!
Agent Huddleston: Yeah, whatever.

The Whisperer: Step back. You don't know about my cane!
Carson McKay: I don't care about your cane when I've got my fist! <punches him>
Connie Kendall: Why didn't someone think of that before?!

Jason Whittaker: Who'd have thought that killing me would be the best way to keep me safe?

Tasha Forbes: Agent Brooke, get Huddleston out of my sight!
Agent Brooke: With pleasure!