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Andromeda Incorporated is a company headquartered in Chicago. A massive corporation, it owns many other companies, but is best known as the parent company of Novacom.


Most of Andromeda's history has not been revealed. Its best-known activities centered around Operation: Think Tank, a plan conceived by The Chairman to take over the entire world. As may be expected, this plan was many years in the making, and ultimately involved things ranging from funding Eugene Meltsner's tuition at Campbell College and his study on radio waves, to acts of theft, espionage, and even murder. The town of Odyssey, where Novacom set up business, turned out to be central to many of Andromeda's plans. However, while they came very close to success, Andromeda's plans were ultimately thwarted by the people of Odyssey.

It is not quite clear what became of Andromeda after Operation: Think Tank failed and its leaders were exposed. During Connie Kendall's visit to Virginia, Agent Bourland mentioned that the case was still being drawn against them, possibly due in part to the sheer magnitude of their crimes. However, taking Novacom as an example, it is likely that Andromeda Incorporated still exists as a company, but has suffered from the scandal inherent in trying to take over the world.

When the Horton family disappeared from their home, Jared DeWhite believed that Andromeda had struck again, but it turned out to be a false alarm.


  • Andromeda was led by a man known only as The Chairman. His status following the failure of his plans is unknown.
    • One of the Chairman's aides was Barry Muntz, whose duties went well beyond simply acting as an assistant.
  • The Chairman was the head of a thirteen-member board of directors, all of whom were in on Operation: Think Tank. The directors included Dr. James McKinley, Stanley Elbert, and Armitage Shanks, who was the only holdout against their plans.
  • Andromeda's head of security was Bennett Charles, who was unofficially known as "The Enforcer" and acted as their chief agent for illegal activities.
  • Stephen DeWhite used to be an accountant for Andromeda until he learned about their money-laundering schemes and ended up in the Witness Protection Program.
  • One of the known agents was Monica Stone.