The Top Floor, Part 2

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#612: “The Top Floor, Part 2”
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James 2:17

17In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

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The Top Floor, Part 2

“The Top Floor, Part 2” is episode #612 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Nathan Hoobler, and originally aired on March 3, 2007.


Jason Whittaker and his father join forces with Eugene and Leonard Meltsner to bring Dalton Kearn to justice once and for all.


Eugene Meltsner, Leonard Meltsner and Jason Whittaker are on a plane to New York. Eugene leaves a phone message for Katrina stating that they're on their way to New York hoping to retrieve the box. Eugene and Leonard begin discussing Dalton Kearn. Dalton formerly worked with Leonard as archaeologists. Leonard explains some background on what happened between him and Dalton.

Eugene, Leonard, and Jason arrive at the Hotel where Dalton Kearn lives. Jason tells them that they have the hotels whole cooperation. He reports that Dalton only has control over the top floor. Dalton isn't in the building but he has security guards. Jason tells them that there are only group of people that they let into the floor; cleaning people. They agree to go undercover to sneak into the floor and retrieve the box. The trio head to the floor and meet the security guard. Jason and Leonard split up, and Eugene stays with the guard striking up a conversation.

Dalton and Mr. Doyle arrive at Odyssey Municipal Airport. Dalton found a newspaper clipping about Eugene's helping the Ashanti village. They decide to talk to John Whittaker (Whit) at Whit's End.

Jason and Leonard continue their search and Leonard finds a door covered with African masks. He tries to get in, but it's locked. Jason plants a phone bug, and then Leonard bumps into Dalton's son named Everett. Everett tells him that the door is voice activated and only Dalton can open it. They say their farewells to the security guard and leave the floor contemplating how to get the door open.

Eugene calls Katrina and Whit at Whit's End to see if they have any thoughts on how to get it open. Soon after, Dalton comes through the door at Whit's End. Whit talks with Dalton, and Dalton asks about Eugene. Whit explains that Eugene isn't around. Katrina comes out and introduces herself to Dalton. She then pulls Whit back into the kitchen. When Dalton said his name, Eugene recorded it.

Dalton is suspicious about Whit's edginess. He decides that he needs to find out more information about Eugene by looking for him in the phone book and visiting his house. They break the window, and climb through. The only thing they find is a note card called "Things to discuss with my father." The last item on the list said Dalton Kearn. Doyle and Kearn decide that Eugene must be related. Dalton proceeds with their search and notices that there's a message on the answering machine. He plays it and hears that Leonard is with Eugene in New York. He concludes that both Meltsners must be looking for him. He and Doyle decide to go back to New York.

As Leonard and Jason head to the elevator to go to their floor, Everett yells to have them hold the elevator. He joins them, and has some conversation with them. He shows them a picture of his mother before she died. Leonard looks at the picture and is surprised by what he sees.

Back at the Meltsner house, the police arrive at the scene only to find that the burglers are gone. Whit plays a recording from the mic he placed in the phone. They hear that Dalton knows the connection between Leonard and Eugene and that he knows they're in New York, and that Dalton is headed to New York. They decide to warn the trio in New York.

Eugene hears from Katrina and passes on the news to Jason and Leonard. Leonard seems to be in a shocked state. Leonard tells Eugene that the picture Everett showed him was of Leonard's wife. Leonard then realizes the truth: the boy up there is Everett, Leonard's son. (Continued in #613: “The Top Floor, Part 3”)

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Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Dalton Kearn Chuck McCann
Dalton's Henchman Unknown
Mr. Doyle Keith Ferguson
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Everett Meltsner Shane Baumel
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Katrina Meltsner Audrey Wasilewski
Leonard Meltsner Phil Proctor
Patrick O'Ryan Will Ryan
Mrs. Vasquez Pat Musick

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Thelma Meltsner Leonard Meltsner


  • The building where Dalton lives, Rock Rimmon Tower, is a reference to the street where Nathan Hoobler, the writer for this episode, lives. This street is named after a rock referenced in the Bible in Judges 20:45.



Eugene Meltsner: So what are you suggesting, Jason?
Jason Whittaker: Eugene, what do you think? Today the cleaning staff just hired three new janitors!
Eugene Meltsner: They did? So you're suggesting that we find them and maybe they can get us into Dalton's floor?
Jason Whittaker: Eugene, I mean that we're cleaning the place!
Eugene Meltsner: Oh. Spy lingo, cleaning. Ten-four.