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#369: “It's a Wrap!”
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28: Welcome Home!
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Psalm 118:24

24This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Proverbs 27:1
1Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

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“It's a Wrap!” is episode #369 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on December 7, 1996.


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz and the Kids' Radio team take an in-depth look at Whit's End and the return of John Avery Whittaker.


We’re back on Kids Radio again. This time, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz takes the microphone to Whit’s End for a day to follow John Avery Whittaker as he adjusts to life off the mission field. Lucy and Glenn, who is also reporting, catch up with Whit at breakfast at Hal's Diner, where he eats and reads his Bible. From there, he goes to Whit’s End, where Connie and Eugene are waiting for him, and getting into one of their famous “discussions.” After helping to resolve things, Whit talks to Lucy about Connie and Eugene. He describes how Connie has matured and how Eugene’s faith has changed him for the better.

Next, we follow Whit as he helps Sam Johnson solve an ethical problem about what to do with the wallet he found, as he works on the Imagination Station, then deals with Harlow Doyle. Whit finally ends up taking Connie to the emergency room when she cuts her finger deep after being surprised by Harlow and needs stitches. Whit wraps things up by telling Lucy how he thanks God for letting him share with the families who come to visit at Whit’s End, for his enriching friends, and for another day of living in God’s grace. As for what the next day will be like? Whit says it will probably be pretty typical, meaning unpredictable. Which is just the way he likes it.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Whit reads his Bible at breakfast. When do you read your Bible each day?
  2. Why is it important to have a regular quiet time?
    • What kinds of things can you do in your quiet time?
  3. Whit said that he thanks God for allowing him to live another day in God’s grace. What does that mean?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Glenn Adams Ryan Devin
Hal Schneider Dave Arnold
Hal's Diner Customer Phil Lollar
Harlow Doyle Will Ryan
Dr. Huntman Phil Lollar
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz Genni Long
Sam Johnson Kyle Ellison

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Jason Whittaker Glenn Adams
Kelly Johnson Glenn Adams
Nancy Johnson Glenn Adams
Pete Johnson Glenn Adams




Glenn Adams: Do you have to use such a long needle?
Dr. Huntman: This isn't a long needle.

Glenn Adams: I'm here at Hal's Diner, a typical, greasy, spoon-feeding—
Hal Schneider: Hey, hey, hey! Watch what you say about the restaurant, kid.
Glenn Adams: A four star, highly-rated dining establishment where Hal Schneider, the owner, gave me his kind permission to record John Avery Whittaker eating his breakfast.

Glenn Adams: Spit and clay? Probably looked a lot like that man's oatmeal.
Hal's Diner Customer: Thanks a lot, kid.

Glenn Adams: Did you get to ride a camel?
John Whittaker: A few times, yes.
Glenn Adams: Did you run into any... you know... terrorists?
John Whittaker: Uh, I don't think camels join terrorist groups.

Connie Kendall: Why don't you have any ID in your wallet?
Harlow Doyle: What, are you nuts? I'm a private investigator. Strict secrecy is an imperative, unquote. If I kept identification in my wallet, why, then- why, then...
Connie Kendall: You'd lose it and no one would know who it belonged to!
Harlow Doyle: Precisely! You know, you might be cut out for this kind of work, Connie.

Harlow Doyle: Step aside, young man. I know first aid.
Connie Kendall: You do?
Harlow Doyle: Yes! Dial 9-1-1!

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What do you think tomorrow will be like?
John Whittaker: Oh, I suppose it will be a typical day in Odyssey.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What do you mean by a "typical day?"
John Whittaker: Anything can happen! That's what I like about this place.