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Brian Evans
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Personal Life

Brian Evans (also named Butch by the Bones of Rath) is Sam Johnson's former friend, but they later stopped hanging out due to Brian's joining the Bones of Rath. Butch helped the "good" gang the Israelites during the Blackgaard Saga.

His favorite baseball player is Cedric Wilson.


Sam Johnson: I got a new bike. It's a 10-speed.
Brian Evans: Oh, boy, I bet it goes fast.
Sam Johnson: It does, I even got a speedometer for my birthday. I got it up to almost forty-five miles an hour once going downhill.
Brian Evans: Really? Can a person breathe going that fast?

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”

Brian Evans: "Mac McCorby: I can get you whatever you want, whenever you want it, whatever the cost and whatever the reason — whoever you are." That's quite a slogan.
Mac McCorby: Yeah, I had to shorten it for the bumper stickers.

#338: “Easy Money”

Jellyfish: Rodney and me were just taking a stroll through the woods. What were you doin'?
Brian Evans: You know, strollin'. Just like you!
Jellyfish: Just like me, eh, Butchy? I think you have some explaining to do. And if I were you, I'd tell us everything.

#326: “Gathering Thunder”

Brian Evans: You don't understand something, Sam. These guys are serious. You're not just doing good deeds around the city anymore. You're in a war.

#326: “Gathering Thunder”

Sam Johnson: All I know is that I'd still be your friend if you quit being Butch and started being Brian again.
Brian Evans: Brian's gone.
Sam Johnson: That's too bad. Let me know if he comes back. I miss him.

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”

Rusty Gordon: What’d ya do, break a fingernail?
Brian Evans: Har, har. Hey, look, Rodney, a monkey who talks! <Rodney chuckles>
Rusty Gordon: Oh, you're a really funny guy, ain’t ya?
Brian Evans: Not as funny as your face!!

#325: “Angels Unaware”

Rodney Rathbone: Okay, so Wednesday we're beating up Todd, right?
Rusty Gordon: I thought we said Thursday!
Brian Evans: No, Thursday we're egging the nursing home.

#301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”


Brian Evans is voiced by John Burdick, has appeared in 6 episodes.

Brian Evans has been mentioned in 3 episodes.