The Top Floor, Part 1

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#611: “The Top Floor, Part 1”
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James 2:17

17In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

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The Top Floor, Part 1

“The Top Floor, Part 1” is episode #611 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Nathan Hoobler, and originally aired on February 24, 2007.


Jason Whittaker and his father join forces with Eugene and Leonard Meltsner to bring Dalton Kearn to justice once and for all.


Eugene Meltsner and John Whittaker (Whit) are working on the Edu-Link in Whit's workshop. Whit receives a call from Martin from Around the World Missions. Martin tells them that someone called asking for Eugene's contact information. Eugene says that it's OK for him to give it out, but Whit decides to press the matter. Whit asks who asked for Eugene's information. Martin replies: Dalton Kearn.

Eugene and Whit tell Leonard Meltsner about the phone call and Leonard is very upset. He's concerned that Dalton has figured out the connection between Leonard and Eugene and might be able to locate Leonard now. Whit tries to calm him down by saying that he called someone to help them. At first, Leonard is still edgy and not keen on trusting new people, but Whit says "That's why I called someone I knew I could trust, my son." Jason Whittaker enters the room and introduces himself to Leonard. Jason explains that he's well connected with the NSA and goes on to say that he's done some checking and there are files on Dalton. The problem is Dalton knows the system too well, and so far there hasn't been enough information to convict him for anything. Jason and Whit conclude that the best way to bring Dalton down is to find some tangible evidence to be used in court. Jason then reveals that he has rejoined the NSA for temporary purposes, gaining a new badge and everything. Jason and Whit encourage Leonard to think of anything that could possibly be used against Dalton. Leonard admits he had recorded several moments during their captivity. Leonard has no clue what happened to the video, admitting that it could be destroyed by now. The group concludes that if there's any evidence at all, the best place to look would be in Africa where Leonard was held. Whit agrees to stay in Odyssey to protect Katrina Meltsner and to do more research.

Jason, Eugene, and Leonard fly to Africa. Upon getting there despite Leonard's hesitance to go back to Africa, he seems to have a take charge attitude. After a couple minutes they hear shouts for help. They run in the direction of the shout and see a man tied to a tree. Eugene recognizes the man as the one who tried to capture him the last time he was here. Leonard recognizes the man as Hazeez. The trio untie Hazeez and he tells them that Kearn's men are destroying the village. The four run to the village to find it empty, and with explosives in place. Eugene begins to try to defuse the explosives, while Jason and Hazeez work on making sure everyone is out of the village. While Eugene is working on the detonator, the bomb explodes. Eugene and Leonard are fine, and they run to find Jason and Hazeez. Both are fine, once they knew everyone was out of the village they took cover and Hazeez went to find the people of the village. Hazeez returns and tells them that everyone is ok. He goes on to say that the villagers were forced out of their homes by Dalton's gunmen. Leonard asks Hazeez why he didn't give the video tape to the authorities. Hazeez explains that the day that Leonard gave him the tape, Dalton showered them with treasures. Hazeez never showed anyone the tape, but instead put it in an ivory Ashanti box. Hazeez goes on to say that Dalton's men, took everything of value out of the village including the box. Jason decides to track Dalton's men alone, while Eugene and Leonard stay to help rebuild the village.

Eugene and Leonard help build temporary shelters. Leonard and Eugene discuss Eugene's belief in God. Leonard makes the comment that he never imagined trying to talk his son out of a belief similar to the Gods that he tried talking the Ashantis out of.

Jason is talking to Whit, and Eugene and Leonard join him. Jason reports that he tracked Dalton's men to the airstrip where they landed, but they were gone before he could search for the box. Jason found out that the plane was headed to New York. Whit says that the place where they're headed is Dalton's home, and Jason concludes that they must go there to get the box. Despite the potential dangers waiting for them, Leonard, Eugene, and Jason agree to go to New York. (Continued in #612: “The Top Floor, Part 2”)

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Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Diane Diane Ingolia
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Hazeez Theo Borders
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Leonard Meltsner Phil Proctor
Martin Unknown

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Dalton Kearn Martin
Thelma Meltsner Leonard Meltsner
Everett Meltsner Leonard Meltsner
Katrina Meltsner Eugene Meltsner





Eugene Meltsner: Well, it looks like the Meltsner men have straddled their horses again.
Jason Whittaker: You mean they're back in the saddle?
Eugene Meltsner: Isn't that what I said?

Eugene Meltsner: So you're saying the process of my finding you was all simple chance?
Leonard Meltsner: You were very lucky.
Eugene Meltsner: I'm sorry Dad, but to believe in that kind of luck takes much more faith than to simply believe that God arrange it all.

Eugene Meltsner: Apparently without my knowledge, the definition of fun has merged with the definition of insanity! <whimpering> I'm in.

Eugene Meltsner: It's amazing the adventures that God takes us through in our lives and how he uses them!