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John Whittaker, the central Odyssey character.

The Whittaker family makes its premiere in the Family Portraits episode #FP01: “Whit's Visitor” with the appearance of John Whittaker, the central character on Adventures in Odyssey. Several of his family members make cameo appearances throughout the series.

Family tree

God.jpg Fionna Donneral
Harold Whittaker
Janneth Whittaker
Wilson Knox.png Wilson Knox
Charlotte Knox
Jennywhittaker.png Guinevere Morrow
Whit with bible.png John Avery Whittaker
Unknown Female
Jerry Whittaker
Jasonwhittaker-3.png Jason Whittaker
Jana Whittaker
Phil Dowd
Monty Whittaker
The-reluctant-rival.png Jenny Whittaker

Confirmed to be deceased

Other relatives

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