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#780: “Dinner Roll Models”
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January 27, 2015
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59: Taking the Plunge
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Galatians 5:22

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

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Dinner Roll Models

“Dinner Roll Models” is episode #780 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on October 17, 2015.


When Buck comes over for dinner with the Parkers, Olivia and Camilla are determined to show him what the perfect family looks like. Meanwhile, Penny realizes that she and Wooton may be spiritually incompatible.


The first scene opens with David and Eva at the breakfast table, calling for their kids to come out or they'll be late for school. Olivia runs in and says that she's helping Mr. Whittaker with the Let's Get Together festival, and says that she thinks that her family should try to be better role models. She lists of a few things to do better and then immidiatly does the opposite to Matthew and Camilla as they rush to get ready for school. Camilla mentions that Buck is coming over for dinner that night, and Eva realizes that Wooton and Penny are coming over for dinner as well. Matthew is worried because Buck has been hanging around Vance's gang, and says he wants to talk to Buck about it. Camilla begs him not to, because they want to concentrate all their efforts on being the perfect family. At Whit's End, Wooton walks in and Whit stops him and tells him that the offer to live at Whit's house still stands. Penny walks in, and Whit tells her that she's just in time to see the grand unveiling of Wooton's studio that Whit made in the building. Whit says he still wants to do a display of Wooton's Sleuth Family Robinson comics. Whit leads them to the room, and Wooton is speechless. It is a replica of his old studio, based off of pictures from a newspaper article of Wooton from a long time ago. Wooton thanks Whit and immediately wants to get started on the comic. Whit leaves, but Penny stays, and wants to help Wooton with the comic. Wooton doesn't need her to do anything, and Penny thinks that Wooton is brushing her off and leaves, offended. Back at the Parker's house, Eva is making pizza, and Olivia and Camilla think that pizza is not special enough, they want salad, tell Matthew not to talk to Buck about Vance, and are generally fussy. Later, the doorbell rings, and Olivia and Camilla rush to answer it. They open it to David, who forgot his house keys, and tripped over the kid's bikes in the driveway. Buck suddenly arrives behind David, because he got lost looking for the right house. Olivia and Camilla immediately change their attitudes to make a good impression, and David stops them by sending all three to the kitchen, and then telling Olivia and Camilla to get their bikes out of the driveway. The doorbell rings again, and this time, it's Wooton and Penny. Penny hints that she has a lot to talk about. The family and guests sit down at the dinner table, and Olivia and Camilla are still having 'perfect' attitudes for their 'perfect' family. David asks Penny to pray, and she declines. Buck then offers to pray. He does, and Eva asks where he learned it. Buck says Mr. Skint taught it to him, when they were scamming people who expected them to pray. Matthew tries to ask Buck about Vance, and is immediately silenced by Olivia and Camilla. Then, they begin the meal. Buck makes the mistake of asking for water, Camilla and Olivia fight over who gets to pour it. The entire pitcher spills directly onto Wooton, and Eva helps clean him up. Matthew tries again to ask Buck about Vance's gang, is silenced by Olivia and Camilla, then blurts out his question. Olivia and Camilla apologize for Matthew, but Buck answers and says he figures that he'd rather have them for friends than enemies. Silence follows, and then Penny mentions Wooton's studio and says she feels like she's been banned from the studio. David says they can talk about it later, and Camilla begins asking Buck about his life before Odyssey. He declines, but she asks him again, and then her and Olivia start arguing about pressure. Later, still at the Parker's house, Camilla and Olivia are saying good-bye to Buck, and he leaves. They close the door and begin arguing about why Buck left early. Eva tells them that they can't fake being a perfect family, and they need to look at their own problems, and not blame each other. She then sets the kids to hand washing the dishes. Eva leaves to go join David, Wooton, and Penny in the family room. In the family room, Penny says she's been thinking about compatibility. She asks if they have to be exactly the same, and David says no. They give some examples about being incompatible, and Penny mentions her earlier problem of not wanting to pray out loud. She worries that she and Wooton are not spiritually compatible at all. In the kitchen, Olivia stops Matthew and Camilla for a moment. She apologizes for trying to make them a perfect family, and says that she messed it all up. She offers to help Matthew put the dishes away, and Camilla says she will too. Later, at Whit's End, Wooton comes in after closing time and asks if it's too late to use the studio. Whit says he can use it whenever, and asks if something is wrong. Wooton says that Penny thinks they shouldn't get married. Wooton doesn't know if they are spiritually compatible either. Whit suggests talking to Eugene , and Wooton says he will, but he's afraid it's over.

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Character Mentioned By
Vince King David Parker
Vance King Eva Parker
Eugene Meltsner David Parker
Katrina Meltsner David Parker
Dion Farkus Matthew Parker
Jay Smouse Matthew Parker
Silvia Smouse Matthew Parker
Nick Smouse Matthew Parker
Jason Whittaker John Whittaker
Hadley Bassett Wooton Bassett
Dale Jacobs John Whittaker
Grandpa Bassett John Whittaker
Winston Bassett Wooton Bassett
Jebidiah Skint Buck Oliver




Penny Wise: It looks just like your old studio, Wooton!
Wooton Bassett: Uh-huh! But without the charred walls and ashes that used to be the things I owned!

Olivia Parker: But it's more than that! We have to make a good impression, on behalf of all the families Buck never belonged to!
Eva Parker: On behalf of the family you belong to, set the table.