Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 1 Soundtrack

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Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 1 Soundtrack
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Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 1 Soundtrack

Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 1 Soundtrack is an exclusive music album on the Adventures in Odyssey Club featuring music from Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 1.


For decades, the music of John Campbell has played a vital supporting role on Adventures in Odyssey. In this collection, his dynamic compositions take center stage. From pulsing African rhythms (“The Launch”) and iconic western swells (“The Lone Lawman”), to gentle Asian strings (“The Drop Box”) and warm yuletide stings (“The Perfect Gift,” “All By Myself”), this instrumental album will have you reliving favorite moments from the Odyssey Adventure Club’s premiere season.

Track listing

  1. The Launch, Part 1 (2:49)
  2. The Launch, Part 2 (4:29)
  3. In a Kingdom Far Away (2:16)
  4. Drake the Cosmic Copper (2:55)
  5. Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 1 (2:28)
  6. Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 2 (3:09)
  7. Like a Good Neighbor (2:15)
  8. The Lone Lawman (2:45)
  9. Thirty Jays Hath September (2:00)
  10. The Perfect Gift (2:31)
  11. The Drop Box (2:57)
  12. All By Myself (3:06)