The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5

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#683: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5”
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July 21, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5” is episode #683 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on April 9, 2011.


Whit and Detective Polehaus pursue connections between the Green Ring, Connie’s art class, and Uncle Archie's Carnival while Wally Haggler and Jay chase leads of their own. Matthew takes the Appleberry to Eugene to try to fix it.


Buck Oliver gets into the truck with Mr. Skint and tells him that everything is set for his job at Whit's End except that Katrina wants to meet Mr. Skint to sign a form. Mr. Skint is very reluctant to meet her at Whit's End, so Buck suggests meeting her at the carnival. Mr. Skint thinks that is a great idea. They head to Haggler's Junkyard to drop off equipment, with the intent to tip off Detective Polehaus that there is suspicious equipment there.

Matthew Parker is at Haggler's Junkyard working on the Appleberry and Jay walks in. Matthew is intent on unlocking the Appleberry to find the owner himself instead of turning it into the police. Matthew tells Jay that the GPS system Wally wanted him to look at is in great condition. Wally Haggler enters and tells Matthew that some guys are bringing some equipment by and that he needs Matthew's club to relocate. Matthew says he'll ask Whit if he can use the workshop at Whit's End. Matthew leaves and Jay helps Wally with clearing room for the equipment.

John Whittaker, Monty Whittaker and Detective Polehaus go to Whit's house to look at the disk, and Whit tells Monty to rest. They put the disk in Whit's laptop and finds the poster for Uncle Archie's Carnival. They come to the conclusion that printing companies sometimes print the name on the corner of the poster and that they needed to look at a final one. Polehaus remembers that there is a poster at Whit's End, so Whit calls Connie and asks her to get the poster.

Emily Jones meets Matthew while on his way to Whit's End. She tells him about the backpack full of counterfeit money. Matthew tells Emily that he had some excitement too, but he's not allowed to say what. Emily doesn't like all the secrets. They continue on to Whit's End so he can talk to Eugene about using the workshop.

Skint brings the equipment to Wally's Junkyard in a semi with Buck. (Wally hadn't met either one before). Buck opens the back and Wally sees that it is printing presses and that kind of thing. Wally decides to bring the fork lift to unload the stuff.

Whit and Polehaus go to Ranco's Printing to investigate the poster. Whit notices that the artist who designed it signed it in the curly Q's. It was designed by Penny Wise. They decide that someone from the carnival commissioned Benjamin Trask to have the poster made. And they decide to talk to him.

At Haggler's, they finish unloading the truck and Wally goes to get Skint's receipt. on the way in, he pulls Jay aside and asks him to put the magnetic GPS tracker on the back of the truck. While Jay does this he almost gets caught by Buck, but cleverly makes up an excuse. Buck and Skint leave and Wally tells Jay to get in the truck so they could follow them.

Matthew and Emily arrive at Whit's End and find Eugene working on the train set. Emily leaves annoyed by Matthew's knowledge of trains. Matthew asks Eugene about using the workshop for their club. They go down to the workshop and Matthew shows him the Appleberry. Matthew tells him he wants to find out the password so he can give it back to the owner personally. Eugene explains that he invented a password recovery program that runs through various combinations of letters and numbers until it finds the right one. They hook it up and start the program.

Skint and Buck pull up to a house and Skint says it's the one that he had Buck put on the application. They go inside and take the sheets off the furniture. Wally and Jay watch followed them to the house and watch from a distance wondering what they are up to.

At the college Connie Kendall shows Penny Wise another copied piece and Penny shows Dr. Trask. Dr. Trask is impressed. Penny once again tries to convince Connie to start their own business when they see Whit come in with Polehaus. They talk to Trask and then walk over to Penny and Connie. Trask tells them that they want to ask her questions about the poster.

They go down to the Agora Cafe and starts asking questions. Penny tells them she met with a man with long stringy hair, beard and southern accent. She met him three times at Hal's Diner and the carnival sent a check. Polehaus is satisfied and they leave.

Wally had Jay take notes, but it was slightly messy due to it being written on a receipt. Wally is convinced that Skint and Buck are up to something, and is determined to find out what it is.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 (KJV). What do you think the apostle Paul meant when he wrote that we should avoid the “appearance of evil”?
  2. What could make you “appear” to be doing wrong?


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Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Katrina Meltsner Buck Oliver
Ryan Cummings Jay Smouse
Nelson Swanson Jay Smouse
Pete Jay Smouse
David Parker Matthew Parker
Lily Graham John Whittaker
Lauren Tanner John Whittaker
Archie Haggler John Whittaker
Derk Begs Jay Smouse


  • Penny says she met a man twice, but then she describes the three times she met him. This seems to be an intentional nod to Penny's scatterbrained nature rather than a goof on the writers' part.



Printing Shop Owner: You're one of those guys who thinks being rudely terse is an endearing quality.
Don Polehaus: Am I wrong?
Printing Shop Owner: I'll be right back.

Don Polehaus: By the way, do you find rudely terse endearing enough to consider having dinner with me?
Printing Shop Owner: What about Mrs. Detective Polehaus?
Don Polehaus: She succumbed to a heart attack 7 years ago.
Printing Shop Owner: I bet she's just using that as an excuse. Next customer please!

Buck Oliver: What are you doing?
Jay Smouse: Ahh! Me? I was just admiring your truck.
Buck Oliver: This truck?
Jay Smouse: Yeah, it's big!
Buck Oliver: You have a thing about big trucks?
Jay Smouse: Oh yeah. Ever since I was a kid, you know, rrrr,honk honk,rrchrrr,back it up, parallel park... with a truck.
Buck Oliver: If you want to make friends, don't ever do noises like that again, OK?
Jay Smouse: Yeah.

Buck Oliver: What was going on?
Jay Smouse: A friend of my uncle's got sick.
Buck Oliver: Is that why the cops were around?
Jay Smouse: Yeah. You know, they take sickness seriously around here, so...
Buck Oliver: It's a crime to get sick in this town?

Don Polehaus: Is there some place we can talk privately?
Penny Wise: Oh. How about the Agora cafe downstairs? They have a private room. And I just LOVE their apple strudels!!
Don Polehaus: OK.
Benjamin Trask: Since Penny is my student, I ought to be there.
Don Polehaus: Suits me.
Penny Wise: Oh, can Connie come with me? For moral support?
Don Polehaus: Sure.
Connie Kendall: Well, if I'm going, then Whit has to come too.
John Whittaker: Alright.
Don Polehaus: Anyone else? Maybe we should invite the whole class.
Penny Wise: Don't be silly. There wouldn't be enough strudel for the whole class.

Wally Haggler: Did you write everything down?
Jay Smouse: I think so, but I had to scribble on [the front of] this receipt from the hardware store, so it's kind of mixed up.
Wally Haggler: Let's hear it.
Jay Smouse: They drove the big truck back to a very nice house in a 40 gallon trash can.
Wally Haggler: What?
Jay Smouse: Sorry. Brentwood Estates. Then, they took the sheets off the hex-head cap screws.
Wally Haggler: Jay!
Jay Smouse: Furniture! Furniture! I told you this was a mess. And then they drove the big truck down to a lot near Gower's Field where the Tub Shelf Utility Cart is set up.
Wally Haggler: Uncle Archie's Carnival
Jay Smouse: Yeah, that. Then they got into a PVC plastic fitting.
Wally Haggler: Pickup truck.
Jay Smouse: Pickup truck and drove here to an iron gate on chrome pike.
Wally Haggler: Gold Camp Road.