Angels Unaware

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#325: “Angels Unaware”
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Angels Unaware

“Angels Unaware” is episode #325 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on July 29, 1995.


A mysterious “clean-up” crew suddenly counters the vandalism around Odyssey. Connie has her suspicions about who is responsible for these new acts of goodness.


As Sam Johnson and Butch part, Sam is grabbed by Jack Allen and his friend Billy McPherson to ask for Sam’s help. Butch also runs into Rusty Gordon and Rodney Rathbone, who tell Butch that the Bones of Rath are planning to vandalize Odyssey Middle School that evening. Butch meets up with Sam later on, and they swap information...and concoct a plan.

Later, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz receives a mysterious phone call telling her to look in her driveway. Her stolen bike is sitting there. When she asks Sam about it, he acts suspiciously. That night, the Bones show up to vandalize Odyssey Middle School. Butch notices that there is a police car parked down the street, watching them. The Bones of Rath call off their vandalism.

But not all the happenings around town are bad. Brock Peterson, Channel 10 News reporter, interviews Alma Stump, whose fence was mysteriously mended. Mayor Tom Riley tells of an anonymous phone call the police received, warning them of planned vandalism at Odyssey Middle School. Ralph Foreman, a city worker, describes how bushes were mysteriously trimmed, making an intersection safe for the community. He describes it as a random act of goodness.

Connie Kendall hears the news report and begins to wonder if Jack Allen has anything to do with these mysterious occurrences. When confronted, Jack won’t admit to any involvement with the good deeds.

Bart Rathbone also hears the news report and yells at Rodney. Bart warns Rodney that people are beginning to think everything is all right in Odyssey. Someone from “higher up,” who signed loan papers for Bart, is putting pressure on him to make waves. Rodney promises he has something evil planned for that night.

Connie and Lucy compare notes, they are both suspicious about Sam and Jack’s strange behavior, so they decide to follow Sam that evening. The girls follow Sam into the woods, where they are caught by Sam and a strange man. The stranger orders Connie and Lucy to come with he and Sam. This story is continued in “Gathering Thunder.”

Discussion Questions

  1. Should Sam have told Lucy how he got their bikes back? Should Lucy have questioned him about it? What would you have done if you were in Sam’s place? Lucy’s? Explain your answers.
  2. Why do you think the mysterious “higher up” person wanted to cause chaos around Odyssey?
  3. Should Lucy and Connie have followed Sam?
    • Why or why not?
    • What would you have done?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alma Stump Unknown
Bart Rathbone Walker Edmiston
Billy McPherson David Buller
Brian Evans John Burdick
Brock Peterson Corey Burton
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Mrs. Cunningham-Schultz Lynn Luttrell
Jack Allen Alan Young
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz Genni Long
Ralph Foreman Phil Lollar
Rodney Rathbone Steve Burns
Rusty Gordon (Malone) Shawn Svoboda
Sam Johnson Kyle Ellison
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Regis Blackgaard Rodney Rathbone


PARENTAL WARNING: This series, known as “Darkness Before Dawn,” gets extremely intense in places and is therefore not recommended for younger listeners.



Jack Allen: Those two comments were probably just a coincidence of some sort, phrases from bumper stickers if I remember right.

Connie Kendall: "Nothing's going on, Connie. Those two comments were just a coincidence!" Yeah, right! Like you even believe in coincidences, Mr. Jack Allen!

Brock Peterson: Well, this certainly is a turn of events to say the least. First the vandalism, and now good deeds. And no one really knows who is doing either.

Rodney Rathbone: Thanks, Pop. You won't regret it.
Bart Rathbone: I already do regret it. I still don't like any of this. And don't call me--
Rodney Rathbone: Hey, I'm on the phone, Pop.

Connie Kendall: Tonight we find out the truth.

Rusty Gordon: What’d ya do, break a fingernail?
Brian Evans: Har, har. Hey, look, Rodney, a monkey who talks! <Rodney chuckles>
Rusty Gordon: Oh, you're a really funny guy, ain’t ya?
Brian Evans: Not as funny as your face!!