The Labyrinth, Part 2

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#704: “The Labyrinth, Part 2”
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July 19, 2011
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55: The Deep End
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Hebrews 12:1-3

1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

3Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

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The Labyrinth, Part 2

“The Labyrinth, Part 2” is episode #704 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker and Nathan Hoobler, and originally aired on March 10, 2012.

Avery Award Winner!
This episode won an Avery Award for Best Episode in the Summer 2012 Season!
Odyssey awards.png


Jason's pursuit of Mr. Grote leads him to London, where he finds a plot even more ominous than the Green Ring Conspiracy. Jason must seek the help of some old friends to unravel Mr. Grote's schemes before it's too late.


Dale Jacobs and Sue return the briefcase to Jason Whittaker who opens it and shows them the contents: a notepad, a laptop, and in the secret compartment, a tracking device, concealed camera, lock picking device, fiber-scope, binoculars, listening device, make-up kit, and a piece of paper that looks like a traffic itinerary. Jason explains that it's not how it appears but that it's a bunch of codes that he calls his "Alamo" if anything goes wrong. Jason asks Ann Jacobs to hide it from him in case someone asks him where it is. Jason decides to explain the whole story and catch Ann and Dale up on the whole situation.

Jason explains that his next move is figuring out what Mr. Grote is up to. Jason mentions that one of Reggie's men mentioned a "Julia's house" but has no clue who Julia is. Ann finds a brochure for Julius House, an auction house and figures that that must have been what the man was talking about. Jason suspects that since Grote had planned to use an auction to get the money out in Odyssey, that he may be planning something with this auction too. Upon Ann's insistence, Jason and Sue stay the night in Dale and Ann's hotel room.

The next morning, they begin to head out and find a note from Sue: Thanks for everything. See you around town. Heart, Sue.

Dale, Ann, and Jason go to the auction. They check the catalog of the items being auctioned for anything suspicious, and come across one item that seems suspicious: two crates of vases from Hong Kong that need to be climate controlled. Dale notices that they are also from a supplier called the Prominent Company, which Jason identifies as an obscure company from Russia. A bell rings to signal the start of the auction.

Ann notices that one person seems to be buying all of the items from the Prominent Company and comments that if he were a true collector he'd buy from other dynasties as well. Jason agrees with Ann that it is suspicious and decides to talk with Lord Brownlow. Jason asks him several questions and finds out that the antiques he bought are for the British museum for that night because the president of the U.S., the prime minister, and several other leaders from Asian countries were going to be there. He bought the antiques as last minute additions. Jason leaves and lets Lord Brownlow go.

Jason meets back up with Ann and Dale and tells them what he found out. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, and they are told to evacuate the area due to an accident in the loading bay area. One of the workers collapsed due to something potentially toxic. Jason, Dale and Ann leave the area. Jason is suspicious that the toxic chemical may have to do with Mr. Grote.

Jason decides he needs to go to the hospital to find out more about the toxic chemical. Dale wants to go with him, but Jason asks him to input the codes into his computer instead. He says it's time to initiate his "Alamo". Dale then reminds him that the real Alamo ended in tragedy. Jason replies that he knows, and the scene changes. Jason calls a taxi to take him to the hospital, and Sue joins him for the ride. Sue tells Jason she saw the accident at the auction house. She tells him they were putting a crate onto the truck and it dropped. One guy opened the crate to make sure it was all right. As he looked inside, he yelled and then passed out. She tells him that the men in the "space suits" took the crates away.

At the hospital, Jason finds out that Craig Robinson is in intensive care and they won't let him in unless he's a relative. Sue shows Jason a back way in and tells him that she'd be unwelcome there. Jason continues through the door without her and bumps into Agent Billings. Billings takes Jason back into the stairwell because the place is crawling with police. Billings pins Jason against the wall and asks why he gassed them in the van and ran off. Jason explains that he was framed and he's been trying to figure out what Grote is up to. Jason breaks loose from Billing's grasp. Billings explains that Craig inhaled a deadly bacteria called Koflax. Apparently Koflax was developed in a lab in Russia, and some thieves stole vials of it. Billings made a connection with Grote when he heard about Craig. Jason thinks that Grote's plan is to hurt or kill the president, the prime minister, and the other heads of state that are attending the museum that night. Jason asks Billings what the research teams have found out about the crate. Billings tells Jason that the team that took it away wasn't with the government, but with Grote and Reggie Fingers. Billings says they need more evidence to be able to call off the event. They don't know how Grote plans to release the Koflax, but Jason is determined to stop him.

Jason exits the hospital and runs into Sue who apologizes to Jason before Reggie Fingers knocks Jason out. Jason wakes up to find that he is in a hotel room with Reggie Fingers and Mr. Grote. Jason and Mr. Grote talk and then he jumps on Mr. Grote. Mr. Grote questions Jason about what he knows about their plans. Jason explains that MI5 agents are scouring the museum looking for the crates. Jason also tells him that back in the days when Grote trusted him, Jason installed a worm on his system. Jason explains that this worm will take over the system, send all of Grote's files to every authority in the world and then destroy his system and it will become active at midnight. Grote has Reggie take Jason to the warehouse and question Jason to make sure that he isn't lying about the code. He tells him to "Use whatever methods you need to get the truth." (Continued in #705: “The Labyrinth, Part 3”)

Discussion Questions

  1. Was it right for Sue to run off without telling Jason first?
  2. Dale and Ann Jacobs were committed to helping Jason however they could, even though he interupted their travel time. What are some ways you can be devoted to others?


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Robyn Jacobs Ann Jacobs
Melanie Jacobs Ann Jacobs


  • Koflax is most likely based off of anthrax, a bacteria used as a biological weapon.
  • The title of the three parter likely refers to the maze in Greek mythology which Theseus navigated to kill its resident Minotaur.
  • Jason jokes that koflax was a character from a '70s cop show - he is referring to Kojak.
  • Sue said "Are you going to eat those french fries?" A British girl would have called the french fries "chips".


Sue: That's it? No bazookas or poison pills, or satellite dishes?
Jason Whittaker: Eh, sorry. Those were all in the suitcase you ditched.

Ann Jacobs: Dale, are you all right? Your face is flushed, and what happened to the knees of your pants?
Dale Jacobs: Oh, I tripped in the alley.
Ann Jacobs: What were you doing in an alley?
Dale Jacobs: Hiding from Scotland Yard! Silly question.

Jason Whittaker: So you'll see that I have all the things found in a normal business man's suitcase. A notepad, a laptop, and this hidden compartment.
Ann Jacobs: Ooh, that's a useful feature.
Dale Jacobs: I used to have a typewriter like that.
Sue: What's a typewriter?

Jason Whittaker: Sue? SUE? Oh, she's gone again.
Agent Billings: Who?
Jason Whittaker: Never mind. Billings, what are you doing here?
Agent Billings: What am I doing here?
Jason Whittaker: Yeah.
Agent Billings: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?!

Sue: Um, are you going to eat those French fries?
Ann Jacobs: Oh, help yourself.
Sue: Thanks!

Dale Jacobs: Don't they teach you American history in this country?
Sue: Not if they can help it.