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Edwin Blackgaard
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Ronald Edwin Blackgaard, voiced by Earl Boen (who also voices Edwin Blackgaard's identical-twin brother Dr. Regis Blackgaard), first appeared in #203: “Double Trouble”. Due to his similarity to Regis, he was initially rejected by the townspeople, but, thanks to Whit's help, he is generally accepted by the town (though they don't patronize his Harlequin Theatre as often as he would like).


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Edwin has an invalid mother, Yvette who lives off a trust fund set up by Edwin's evil twin Regis.


Edwin's history is unclear, except that he was trained as a Shakespearean actor and, apparently, was quite popular in roles before he moved to Odyssey. In Odyssey, he is torn between performing the Shakespearean plays he loves and performing the "crowd pleasers" that bring in enough money to keep his dinner theatre afloat financially. He had a couple incidents with the parents of criticized students.


He is generally accompanied by his faithful servant Walter Shakespeare. Whit befriended him when he first came to Odyssey, and they remain good friends, though they don't see each other too often now.


Edwin is an egotistical, condescending, spotlight-loving ham. However, he does this in such a lovable manner and has such a generally good attitude that fans (and citizens of Odyssey) love him. He can be serious at times, and occasionally (such as in #359: “The Merchant of Odyssey”) we get a glimpse of the good actor that lives somewhere (very deep) inside of him. His conversation with Whit at the end of #203: “Double Trouble” also shows more of his serious side.


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Edwin Blackgaard is voiced by Earl Boen, has appeared in 26 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.8%.

Edwin Blackgaard has been mentioned in 5 episodes.