Exactly as Planned

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#498: “Exactly as Planned”
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March 20, 2002
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38: Battle Lines
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Matthew 5:44

44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Numbers 32:32
32We will cross over before the LORD into Canaan armed, but the property we inherit will be on this side of the Jordan."

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Exactly as Planned

“Exactly as Planned” is episode #498 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Nathan Hoobler and Marshal Younger, and originally aired on June 29, 2002.


Whit and Alex Jefferson work to prove Tom’s innocence, and Jason learns that Novacom’s final scheme is about to be set in motion.


Tom’s trial continues and the people at Whit’s End continue to pray. Whit, meanwhile, starts his own investigation. He doesn’t believe Tom could do such a thing and starts looking around the tower site, only to find Alex. The two of them start looking around for clues.

Michael Frasier uses Tom’s trial as a way to show all that Novacom and Andromeda have done over their many months in Odyssey. Stephen DeWhite explains that he discovered an elaborate money-laundering scheme by Andromeda to take over radio stations around the world, and as a result he and his family were placed in the Witness Protection Program. Monica Stone testifies that she tracked down Eugene Meltsner's research, stole it from Jason Whittaker, and sent it to Novacom for the development of the Novabox (Frasier notes that Duncan Mathis's testimony, though not shown, involved the damage that the Novabox technology could do). Mitch presents what he decoded from Andromeda board meetings on the disk from Arthur Dent, where it is revealed that the Andromeda board members talked about reversing the process of brain waves to radio waves, despite Armitage Shanks’s protests--for which, Mitch notes, he likely paid with his life. Mitch also reveals that Andromeda used the partnership with Mary's Story Shop to distract Whit with his new shop and to steal the plans to the Imagination Station--and eventually the machine itself. Finally, he discusses a meeting that reveals that Novacom knew that the reversal process of the technology would have the side effect of making patients worse than before and released it anyway. Mr. Frasier argues that Novacom's awareness that their box would be a potential health hazard combined with Tom's exposure to the tower would more than adequately explain Tom’s alleged actions against Novacom.

Back at the tower, Alex and Whit find a piece of cloth that leads them to the cabins at the Timothy Center. There, they find fertilizer on the steps of a cabin. After looking inside, they find Arthur Dent, who claims he saved the world! Whit races back to Odyssey and gets word to Mr. Frasier. Upon hearing the new evidence, the judge acquits Tom of the crime and dismisses the case.

Odyssey citizens don’t forget what happened, however. They are ready to burn the boxes and destroy Novacom. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Mr. Charles, who heads out the back door just before the FBI storms the place. Agent Bourland, Jason, and Mitch start looking through files and computers to find evidence of everything Novacom did. Jason finds information about the "Launch Date" in the files, and he and Bourland go to the jail to talk to Arthur Dent about what the Launch Date is. At the jail, Arthur Dent reveals that this was the day that Novacom would have gone global, launching their technology to towers around the world. Jason remembers seeing their work in South America and Alaska (ref: Shining Armor, The Black Veil). Dent insists there is no reason to worry, however, since the tower is out of commission.

Whit picks up Tom from the jail, and the two head over to the hospital to see Cal, who is finally awake. Cal tells them that the top of the tower was empty--there was only a bunch of loose wires. Whit is alarmed--Dent blew up the wrong tower! Tom and Whit head up to the tower site to figure out what’s going on. Whit explains that since all the satellite dishes in town were pointed to the tower on Tom's land, the true tower must be in that direction, and he then takes notice of Forrest Mountain in the distance--it's a site of dozens of radio towers, the perfect place for Novacom to establish a base. He and Tom race up there.

Jason and Bourland arrive back at Novacom headquarters to find Mitch gone and a schedule with the worst news of all. The Launch Date is today!

Discussion Questions

  1. Connie prayed that God would bring His light and truth to the situation. How did that happen?
  2. Numbers 32:23 says, ". . . your sin will find you out." How was that illustrated in this episode? Have you done anything you wish God didn’t know about?
    • What would you like to say to Him about that?
  3. Matthew 5:44 says, "Pray for those who persecute you." How did Jack obey this verse?
    • How could you?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford
Armitage Shanks Brian Cummings
Arthur Dent Christopher Snell
Aubrey Shepard Danielle Judovits
Bennett Charles Jess Harnell
Cal Jordan Adam Pavlakovich
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
FBI Agent Bob Luttrell
Frank Pierce Jess Harnell
Miss Helmdale Chris McDonald
Mr. Hutcheson John Fornof
Jack Allen Alan Young
James McKinley Corey Burton
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
Jim Bob Luttrell
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Judge Debbie McLeod
Melvin Steward Corey Burton
Michael Frasier Phil Crowley
Monica Stone Melissa Disney
Nurse Lynn Luttrell
Patti Lebleu Barbara Birch
Peter Bourland Keith Silverstein
Robert Mitchell Steve Burns
Stanley Elbert Michael Sheehan
Stephen DeWhite Steve Bridges
Thomas Steve Bridges
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Mrs. DeWhite Stephen DeWhite
Jared DeWhite Stephen DeWhite
Trent DeWhite Stephen DeWhite
Eugene Meltsner Monica Stone
Justine Baker Michael Frasier
Duncan Mathis Michael Frasier
The Chairman Bennett Charles
Agnes Riley Michael Frasier


  • This episode features 25 named characters, earning it the record for the highest number of named characters in a non-retrospective or non-Kids' Radio episode (beating out #461: “B-TV: Obedience” by one character).


John Whittaker: Arthur Dent? What are you doing here?
Arthur Dent: I saved the world!

Peter Bourland: Okay, boys, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Jason, Mitch--care to help, or did you just come along to gloat?
Jason Whittaker: Both, actually.
Robert Mitchell: I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

John Whittaker: Dent blew up the wrong tower!

Jason Whittaker: My dad just found out that the tower was a decoy.
Peter Bourland: What?
Jason Whittaker: Yeah, the wires weren't hooked up to anything.
Peter Bourland: Good grief--but that means--
Jason Whittaker: That means we haven't stopped Novacom yet. The launch date can still happen!