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Emily Jones
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Emily Jones is a tenacious wanna-be detective. Although she is unsure of her own future and career, she is happy to give firm direction to the life of her older brother Barrett. She is always very curious but sometimes lets her curiosity get the better of her. Emily will do anything for those she cares about, no matter what it will cost her. She and her best friend, Matthew Parker started The Jones and Parker Detective Agency together and solved a plethora of cases together. Although they are no longer detective partners, Emily still continues to solve mysteries on her own. She is student body president at Odyssey Middle School.


Emily and Matthew started the Jones and Parker Detective Agency after successfully solving the mystery of Barrett's missing video game. Emily was always much more serious about solving mysteries than was Matthew. They solved many mysteries together and became crucial in foiling the Green Ring Conspiracy.


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She has an older brother named Barrett. Her parents are Simon and Dorothy Jones, and she has an uncle named Max.


She had a crush on Buck Oliver.
Her eye color is blue.
Her favorite color is green.
She is slightly taller than Matthew Parker.
She always seems to be carrying a purse.
At school, she has locker 141.
She is student body president at Odyssey Middle School.
She is learning to play the piano.
She loves Mary Malloway's mystery novels.



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Emily Jones is voiced by Cristina Pucelli, has appeared in 52 episodes.

Emily Jones has been mentioned in 12 episodes.

Emily Jones has appeared in 4 comic story arc(s).

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