EIO: Single Comic Strips - 2023

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EIO: Single Comic Strips - 2023
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Elsewhere in Odyssey single comic strips are comics not attached to any particular story arc, and are released for free on social media instead of requiring a club membership. These were the single comic strips released in 2023.


John Whittaker
Connie Kendall
Eugene Meltsner
Jason Whittaker
Wooton Bassett
Penny Bassett
Morrie Rydell
Suzu Rydell
Emily Jones
Matthew Parker
Olivia Parker
Camilla Parker
David Parker
Edwin Blackgaard
Richard Maxwell
Trent DeWhite
Mandy Straussberg
Liz Horton
Darcy Plosky
Bart Rathbone
Don Polehaus
Harlow Doyle

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Individual Comic Strips

Comic Strip No. Writer Artist(s) Release Date
January 2023 Evan David Brian Dawson 1/1/2023
Penny brings up New Years resolutions to her husband, however Wooton soon uncovers that the conversation is merely a smoke screen to mask the fact that Penny has eaten all of his Sunshine Girl Cookies.
February 2023 Evan David Brian Dawson 2/6/23
Matthew, nervously clutching a Valentine's card for Suzu, seeks Emily's support but finds himself frozen with anxiety when faced with the moment of truth. Despite Emily's encouragement, Matthew's attempt to give Suzu the card ends in comedic failure, leaving him feeling unprepared and awkward.
March 2023 Evan David Brian Dawson 3/6/23
Bernard and Bart commiserate over the unexpected snowfall in March, both expressing frustration at the disruption to their plans. However, when Bart notices Bernard shivering, Bernard realizes with dismay that they are actually in agreement about something, which unsettles him.
April 2023 Evan David Brian Dawson 4/3/23
When Detective Polehaus seeks Harlow Doyle's help outside Whit’s End, Harlow gets caught up in a quirky investigation involving a missing cat and soccer cleats. As Harlow's eccentric deductions lead him to a wild conclusion about the cat's disappearance, Detective Polehaus begins to question his decision to involve Harlow in his case.
May 2023 Evan David Brian Dawson 5/1/23
Whit decides to embark on a fitness journey after years of his doctor's advice, leading to a significant transformation. While Whit feels rejuvenated, his friends, Connie and Eugene, are shocked by his new appearance. Despite initial reactions, they eventually accept and get used to the change, with Bernard poking fun at the situation.
June 2023 Evan David Brian Dawson 6/5/23
In the Bible Room, Darcy and Eugene discuss the Noah's Ark display, with Darcy concerned about her stuffed unicorn's fate. Eugene tries to explain the historical context, but Darcy insists on adding her unicorn to the display, presenting a second unicorn to fulfill the pairing requirement, much to Eugene's exasperation. Later in the Soda Shoppe, Whit questions Eugene about the unusual additions to the display, prompting Eugene to admit his creative liberties with the historical accuracy, much to Whit's bemusement, ending with a humorous reflection on the intersection of fiction and reality.
July 2023 Evan David Thiago Del Ponte 7/3/23
The Parker siblings' attempt to choose a TV show devolves into a chaotic struggle for control of the remote, leading to tricks and tussles. When their dad, David Parker, intervenes, he settles the dispute by picking an unexpected show himself.
August 2023 Evan David Thiago Del Ponte 8/7/23
Whit discovers Camilla and Beezee about to snowboard down the stairs at Whit's End, reminding him of his own dangerous childhood escapades. As he recounts some of his wild adventures from youth, Whit realizes he might not the best role model for safe behavior. Ultimately, he redirects the girls to safer activities, sharing a laugh and lesson on safety and common sense.
September 2023 Evan David David Miles ???
Mandy and Liz, now in high school, discuss their history midterm outside at lunch. Suddenly, a cheer squad arrives, and Mandy becomes the target of a prom proposal spelled out by the squad. However, due to a misunderstanding, "PROM" becomes "ROM," leading to a comical exchange between Trent, the proposer, and the cheer captain. Despite the mishap, Mandy blushingly accepts Trent's prom proposal, leading to an adorable moment witnessed by the rest of the courtyard.

NOTE: This stand-alone comic strip ended up spinning off into a full-blown story arc called "Prom Perfect."

October 2023 Evan David David Miles ???
Wooton and Penny prepare for a costume party at Whit's End, but Penny worries Wooton's comic villain costume is too scary. Wooton challenges Penny's concern, but when he accidentally startles Jason Whittaker, the encounter turns into a comedic hand-to-hand combat situation. Ultimately, Wooton opts for a less intimidating chicken costume, leaving everyone amused by the mishap.
November 2023 Evan David Kyrié Jenny ???
On, Whit invites Richard Maxwell to his house for the holiday meal. Jason, Connie, and Whit's foster kids, Morrie and Suzu, are also present for the festivities. Richard feels out of place due to his tumultuous past. As they eat, Richard reflects on his history of evading danger, realizing he's unfamiliar with the peace of holiday gatherings. Despite his hesitations, Whit reassures him of a new chapter of rest and companionship.
December 2023 Evan David Kyrié Jenny ???
Edwin Blackgaard faces "disastrous" auditions for A Christmas Carol, leading him to take drastic measures and play all the roles himself on opening night. Struggling to keep up with the demanding performance, Edwin embodies each character with diminishing stamina, culminating in an exhausted portrayal of Tiny Tim. Meanwhile, Bernard delights in the spectacle from the audience, while Wooton humorously suggests Edwin's next theatrical endeavor.