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Real State in United States


Cities in Alaska
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Alaska is one of the fifty states in the United States.

Episode references


You've got a lot of pictures of Alaska. Have you ever been there?

Alex Jefferson, Relatively Annoying

One day, little Wooton's parents decided they were gonna move from Albuquerque, which is fun to say, to Alaska, which isn't as fun to say.

Wooton Bassett, Back to Abnormal

Well, yeah, I mean, flyin' is the fastest way to Alaska.

Wooton Bassett, Bassett Hounds

Yeah, I had a best friend in Alaska when I was little, and we used to sit on my porch and argue about superheroes.

Wooton Bassett, Plan B, Part 4: Resistance

I was thinking about Alaska. I'd live off moose meat for a while.

Tony, Chains, Part 2


  • Whenever characters on the show refer to Alaska (such as Wooton in his anecdotes or Jason when talking to Whit on the phone in The Black Veil, Part 1, they refer to it as a state rather than referring to individual places in Alaska. This implies that Odyssey is not in Alaska, because people who live in a particular state normally specify where in the state they are, but people who live in another state (or another region entirely) usually simply refer to the state as a whole.


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