Unsinkable, Part 1

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#886: “Unsinkable, Part 1”
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January 1, 2020 ↓
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July 24, 2019
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Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 7
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1 Timothy 6:6

6But godliness with contentment is great gain.

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Unsinkable, Part 1

“Unsinkable, Part 1,” an Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive, is episode #886 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Kathy Buchanan, and was originally released on January 1, 2020.


It's all hands on deck when a series of clues appears to connect Whit's End with a survivor of the Titanic.


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Jason Whittaker finds a long-lost letter from a passenger of the Titanic before the ship has left. Emily Jones is playing the piano when John Whittaker walks up. She explains that she is learning the piano and found the sheet music in Whit's End.

Discussion Questions

  1. Whit, Jason and Emily make a pretty good team. If you found yourself in the middle of a mystery, which of your friends would you want helping you solve it?
  2. For young Nina, this voyage promised to be a grand adventure. Talk about an adventure your family has shared. What was your favorite part of it? Did you face any unexpected challenges along the way?
  3. Read Matthew 6:19-25. Why did Nina's father feel the need to remind her of Jesus' words from this passage?
  4. In Proverbs 14:30, King Solomon wrote, "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones." What do you think he meant? How does it apply to Nina's situation?
  5. The more Nina saw of first class, the less satisfied she became with the blessings she already had. When have you wished you could be someone else, or have what they had? (1 Timothy 6:6-8)
  6. Which does more to create a lack of contentment in people, TV commercials or social media? Why do you think so?
  7. What do you think of the decision to separate Titanic's passengers based on class—including Sunday morning worship? Share several ways wealth can divide people today.
  8. Why was it wrong for Nina to sneak out of the cabin and meet with Henry? (Ephesians 6:1)
  9. The officers and crew knew the ship would be navigating an iceberg field long before trouble hit. How could they have prepared better? What can Christians do to prepare for life's trials before we run into them? (Read Ephesians 6:10-18)


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Wally Haggler Emily Jones


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  • The day the Titanic sets sail, Nina incorrectly states that it is the middle of summer in this episode. The Titanic departed on April 10, 1912, in the spring.




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