Under the Influence, Part 1

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#488: “Under the Influence, Part 1”
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1 Corinthians 15:33

33Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."

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Under the Influence, Part 1

“Under the Influence, Part 1” is episode #488 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by John Fornof, and originally aired on March 23, 2002.


An old friend pits Aubrey Shepard against her parents and their beliefs.


Aubrey can't believe it; Erica Colburn has moved to Odyssey! (Erica's a friend from Aubrey's old neighborhood.) Not only that, but Erica's dad Kevin Colburn is the new general manager of Novacom. Aubrey is wowed at Erica's house in Chadwick Hill and the way she has a seemingly endless money supply.

The two girls stop at Whit's End and Aubrey notices they are in desperate need of more help. Aubrey asks her parents if she can work there and they reluctantly agree. Not only that, but they allow her to go to public school with Erica.

Aubrey's first day at Whit's End is filled with burnt napkins and exploding milkshakes, but she's learning.

Meanwhile, Whit meets with Kevin Colburn who tells him the bottom line - he should just stop bugging everyone about Novacom. Also, that Novacom would like to offer Whit 10 commercial spots for his ice cream shop.

Later in the week, Aubrey and Connie talk in the Kids' Radio studio. Aubrey talks about how she likes school and Connie talks about her feelings of loss with Mitch.

At school, Erica tries to persuade Aubrey that she needs to go to a party at Craig's house, but Aubrey is unsure. Then she gets Aubrey to skip classes to go shopping at Osborne's Department Store. Connie spots them, however, and confronts Aubrey about it. Aubrey begs Connie not to tell her parents and Connie reluctantly agrees. Erica sneaks into Whit's End to see her and congratulates Aubrey for finally learning to look out for herself.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Was Erica really Aubrey's friend?
  2. Why did Aubrey like Erica so much?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Aubrey Shepard Danielle Judovits
Ben Shepard Jerry Houser
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Ellen Shepard Carolyn Hennesy
Erica Colburn Lawren Donahue
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Kevin Colburn Corey Burton
Thomas Steve Bridges

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Maria Colburn Erica Colburn
Alex Jefferson Connie Kendall
Sarah Prachett Connie Kendall
Rodney Rathbone Connie Kendall
Nick Mulligan Connie Kendall
Eugene Meltsner Connie Kendall
Robert Mitchell Aubrey Shepard





Ben Shepard: I mean, do you have any idea how many people go through life not knowing what a wobble-wedge can do for them?
Aubrey Shepard: Oh, tragic!
Ben Shepard: Oh, very!

Erica Colburn: So this is Whit's End.
Aubrey Shepard: Yep.
Erica Colburn: It's not a good sign when they put help wanted on the door. We might have to wait a while to eat.

Aubrey Shepard: Connie, is everything alright?
Connie Kendall: Yeah, I'm sorry, Aubrey. It's just that Whit's gone to Connellsville, Nick's gone to school, Eugene's gone who knows where, and I've gone insane, that's all!

Connie Kendall: It's like a movie where the film breaks in the middle of a scene. I guess I'll never know how it would've turned out.

Aubrey Shepard: I think I'd be mad at God for letting something like that happen.
Connie Kendall: Sometimes I am mad at God. Then I also believe what happened is all part of something bigger than I can understand right now. And somehow, deep inside, I trust him.

Erica Colburn: You've been at school two weeks and you're already locked into your little routine. Where's your sense of adventure?
Aubrey Shepard: Right here! A green chili cheeseburger.