Something Old, Something New, Part 2

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#714: “Something Old, Something New, Part 2”
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October 6, 2011
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1 Corinthians 2:9

9However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"--

Jeremiah 29:11
11For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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Something Old, Something New, Part 2

“Something Old, Something New, Part 2” is episode #714 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Kathy Buchanan and Paul McCusker, and originally aired on May 19, 2012.


Penny brainstorms ways to promote Connie's wedding planning business and one of her schemes dramatically backfires. Meanwhile, Matthew and Emily investigate a woman who may be trying to scam Jacques Henri.


At Whit's End, Connie Kendall and Wooton Bassett are on the air with Candid Conversations with Connie. They had planned to announce that they weren't actually getting married. They receive a call from Robert Mitchell, who congratulates them, and tells them that he's getting married, too. This surprises Connie, but she congratulates him on the air and then goes to a commercial.

Later Penny Wise makes tea for Connie and tries to comfort Connie who is really confused about whether she's happy to see him or not. They discuss Connie's former engagement, and Connie explains that she wonders if she made a mistake breaking it off with him. She plans to meet Mitch in an hour at Hal's Diner.

At Hal's Diner, Connie meets up with Mitch. She explains to him the situation with the virus and that she's not really getting married. Mitch tells Connie about his fiancée, Maureen. Connie invites Mitch to come to Whit's End later for the party, and that they can turn the party into a celebration for Mitch's engagement. Mitch agrees to the plan.

Meanwhile, Matthew Parker uses a walkie talkie to tell Emily Jones that "Cute guy (CG)" is with "Connie Kendall (CK)". He sees them leave in separate directions and they agree to meet up at Whit's End.

At Whit's End, Connie is greeted by John Whittaker (Whit). He asks her if she's ok with the news about Mitch. She insists that she's fine. Wooton comes in with a tofu pig to barbecue and says its for the party. Penny comes in and asks about Mitch and his fiancée. Connie expresses that his fiancée isn't right for him. Penny says that she's set on not liking her. Whit is hesitant on the idea, but Connie insists that it will be fine as long as everyone is their normal friendly self. Emily comes in, and talks to Penny saying that Connie was seen with the "CG". She's sure that the "CG" is connected with the "Mystery Woman (MW)" but they're not sure how. Matthew comes in and says that the CG and the MW are walking in the park and stopped at a park bench. Emily, Matthew, and Penny run out to spy on the couple.

The trio finds the "CG" and "MW" talking to Eugene Meltsner. They see that their headed towards Whit's End. The trio take the entrance into the kitchen. Mitch and Maureen enter Whit's End and are welcomed by Whit. In the kitchen, the trio run into Wooton. They have Wooton look through the kitchen window to see who came in with Eugene. Wooton identifies "CG" and "MW" As Mitch and his fiancée Maureen. This confuses them because MW was in the Gallery the other day under the name Jessica Brown. Wooton agrees that that is remarkably peculiar. A moment later Eugene, enters the kitchen, and the gang takes him up to Whit's office to explain the peculiar situation.

Eugene finds everything they're saying hard to believe. He does a record search on Jessica Brown and finds her in the files. They are surprised and astonished to find out that she's a criminal. Penny calls Jacques Henri right away, and Jacques tells her that he will immediately contact the authorities. They decide to look for an opportunity to tell Connie and Whit.

Eugene, Penny, and Wooton go down and talk to Maureen and Mitch and Whit and Connie. They try to act normal, but don't pull that off very well. They ask Connie to go into the kitchen. Mitch receives a phone call and goes to the Kids' Radio studio to answer it. Connie is told about Maureen in the kitchen. Connie doesn't believe what she is hearing. She knows that Mitch wouldn't marry a felon knowingly. She goes to talk to Mitch about it. When she asks him about her criminal record, he tells her that she's also in the FBI. She poses as Jessica Brown to draw out art scams. Both of them are undercover to investigate Henri's gallery to see if they're part of a scam chain. The phone call he just received cleared him since Henri called the local FBI office about to arrest Maureen/Jessica Brown. Connie tells Mitch that she's happy for him because he's happy.

Downstairs, Jacques Henri enters Whit's End, shouting about a citizen's arrest. He tells Penny, Wooton, and Eugene that he called the FBI, but they gave him the complete run around. Eugene grabs ahold of her to make a citizen's arrest, and instead Maureen flips Eugene. Mitch tells Maureen that Henri has been cleared and Connie explains to everyone the truth about Maureen.

After the party Whit and Connie discuss regrets. Whit comments that it's natural to wonder about our decisions but healthy only if we learn from them in the future otherwise it's dangerous because you could get lost in a game of "What if". Whit tells her that he's glad that God kept her in Odyssey with him because his life would feel a lot emptier without her.

Connie returns to her apartment to find that Mitch brought her yellow tulips. Penny asks what they mean, and Connie tells her that they mean "Good bye".

Discussion Questions

  1. Were Emily and Matthew doing the right thing suspecting Maureen and Mitch?



  • Kathy Buchanan made this statement on Facebook about the purpose of the episode. The seriousness of the statement can be taken with discretion. "Yes, the reason for the show with Mitch and Maureen is that we could close the door completely for Mitch and Connie, because we were still getting letters from hopeful fans. Today Mitch and Maureen live in Madagascar (I'd tell you why, but it's so top secret I don't even know) with little Maggie, Melissa, and Mitch Jr. And their mangy mutt, M&M. Happily ever after...." [1]
  • Penny's line about losing track of whose side she's on is similar to a line spoken by June Kendall in #77: “The Nemesis, Part 1” in which she told Connie that she felt like she was "in the middle of a tennis match and [she was] the ball".
  • Maureen's alias "Jessica Brown" bears the same initials as another girl friend of Mitch's: Justine Baker.
  • Mitch's line "That was awesome!" when Maureen flips Eugene over her head is almost identical to his line (and excitement) when Connie hit his "kidnapper" over the head with a tire iron in #534: “Something Blue, Part 2”.
  • The yellow tulips Mitch sent Connie are a reference to #463: “Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips”.
  • Wooton's request to wear a deerstalker cap if he is to be a detective is a reference to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Eugene recognizes Mitch when he meets him in the park. However, Eugene and Mitch had never been featured in an episode together before this since Mitch's time in Odyssey (the Novacom saga) overlapped with Eugene's disappearance.
    • Eugene mentioned in #610: “Hear Me, Hear Me” that he had seen videos of Connie's hair dye job from the Novacom era, so presumably he had seen Mitch in those. However, this does not explain Mitch's excitement upon seeing Eugene (someone whom, as far as we know, he had never personally met).


Matthew Parker: Ok, I was passing Hal's Diner on my way to Whit's End, and C.G. is there with C.K.
Emily Jones: Wait, wait, who was with who?
Matthew Parker: Cute Guy was there with Connie Kendall.
Emily Jones: Oh

Wooton Bassett: Mrs. Mitch is a mis-match!?!?!

Connie Kendall: Eugene, are you alright?
Maureen: Oh, he'll be okay. I only did a gentle flip.
Eugene Meltsner: That was gentle?!?!

Connie Kendall: I'm really confused. I mean, he's getting married!
Penny Wise: But not to you. I understand. His life wasn't supposed to go on without you.
Connie Kendall: Well, something like that...
Penny Wise: So why did you ditch him?
Connie Kendall: I didn't ditch him! We agreed together...