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Townsend Coleman
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Episode Characters Played 46
Episode Appearances 117
Podcast Appearances 14
Documentary Appearances 1


Avery Award Winner!
Townsend Coleman has won two Avery Awards (Summer 2012, 2020) for Best Actor!
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Townsend Coleman was born in New York City on May 28, 1954. Coleman spent his childhood in Denver, Colorado and Cleveland, Ohio. After studying architecture and theater at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he returned home to Ohio to pursue a radio career. Ten years as a disc jockey at various Cleveland radio stations led to numerous commercial and voiceover jobs. He appeared as host of the nationally syndicated TV series "The Dance Show" prior to moving his family to LA in 1984 to take advantage of career opportunities on the west coast. Coleman's primary career focus was acting in TV and film, but soon changed as he foresaw a more lucrative career specializing in the field of voiceovers. He is still perhaps one of the most recognizable voices on TV. He is also a proud sponsor of Camp Will-A-Way, a camp for the mentally and/or physically disabled. Townsend's main role on AIO has been the voice of NSA Agent, Jason Whittaker.


Favorite breakfast food: Scrambled eggs

Favorite animal: Holland Lop rabbit

Favorite places to visit: Colorado and Portland, Oregon [where his kids and grandkids live]

Favorite sports to watch: Football and golf

Favorite instrument: Drums

Favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts

Favorite dessert: Creme brulee

Favorite parts of the Bible: Proverbs and Galatians 5


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