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The Town Hall is a place where users can meet and discuss larger changes to the wiki, such as policy proposals and new ways of displaying and organizing information. It serves as a way for users to be involved without having to find a relevant discussion page. Please be constructive and courteous when corresponding with fellow editors.

We're testing this new discussion system for the Town Hall right now. You can still view the old Town Hall.

Something Weird is Going On!

Green Mamba (talkcontribs)

I have been looking through the content on the AIO Facebook page and have noticed something. Over the past couple months, AIO has been releasing images of phone screens, computer screens, and files that contain what I believe is either hidden lore or an upcoming story. Let me break down what I gather from the images. First, Bart breaks into Connie's computer to post endorsement by Whit's End for the Electric Palace. Red Hollard notices a flash of light through the sky over Trickle Lake. Morrie Rydell photographs the light. Dale Jacobs reports that an alleged meteorite has landed in Trickle Lake. Cambell College is selected to house the meteorite and Eugene is selected to assist with the study of it. Edwin Blackgaard confirms that the meteorite story is not a dramatization. Bryan Dern has a talk show about the meteorite's health effects. Eugene request help from Whit because he "need[s] someone he can trust." Whit tells Connie he will be away the rest of the evening but not what he and Eugene are doing. Connie does another show about "secrets." Whit emails Eugene to say that the meteorite has gold of the purest quality measurable and that they needed to keep the information on the down low. Eugene replies stating that gold is likely worth millions. The FBI, who have been monitoring this info, flag the email due to connections with the Green Ring, Tasha Forbes, and Jason. Dale Jacobs reports the Meteorite stolen at 3AM. Whit and Eugene are arrested on conspiracy and theft charges. Bryan Dern responds as one would expect. Jason tells Connie about their arrest and offers to go visit them with her. A visitor list lists Jason Connie and Katrina and Buck Meltsner. Polehaus interrogates on his and Eugene's location at the time of the theft. A vest fragment from the crime scene DNA matches with Eugene. Polehaus informs Eugene about his vest. Peter Bourland is added to the list of visitors. Bourland orders Eugene and Whit released from handcuffs and gets to work. An FBI report is draft including information about the case and Bourlands past with Whit and Eugene. It also includes a note from Polehaus asking Bourland to not allow nostalgia to cloud his judgement. Emily begins to suspect Rodney Rathbone's involvement. She interrogates him in McAllister Park. Of course, Rodney denies involvement. Jason contacts Bourland wanting in on the investigation. Bourland requests they meet at the Odyssey Hotel. Jason, Whit, Connie, Bourland, and the Meltsners all meet at the hotel. However, they seem to be watched through a lobby camera. Bourland explains that he believes the evidence incriminating Eugene was planted. They basically talk about everything we know. Eugene questions how the real criminal discovered the value of the meteorite. Bourland reveals that the FBI has been monitoring the Whit's End people. Because no one else knew about the information outside of Whit, Eugene, and the FBI, Jason suggests the criminal may be in the FBI. Illegal spyware is detected on the FBI system. The hack is traced to FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC. An FBI report details the capture of the FBI suspect Agent Connor Marion, whose real name is Don Portland. He is a sleeper agent in the FBI. Pulling up Don Portland's file reveals that he is a wanted felon. People he associated with are listed, with Dalton Kearn circled. Also notable names are Alfred Brownlee (From the Search for Whit), Victor Hamilton (From Silver Lining), Hank Murray (From Hold Up! and Treasure Hunt), and what looks like Maria Mendosa (From the Cross of Cortez). Finally, the last post to date. Eugene journals (in a journal not used since the search for his father Leonard). He reminisces about what transpired and say he is going to meet Dalton Kearn. Phew! That was a lot. But that is all the information I have for now. It looks to be a part of a new series of storytelling done solely through social media. Anyway, I am loving it so far. Let me know your thoughts below. Also, I will add updates below.

Green Mamba (talkcontribs)

I do want to add that although the information posted on Facebook is canon, it likely will not become an episode. It is however a way to include characters whose actors we no longer have access to and to develop the characters around Odyssey apart from the episodes.

AIO Social Media Posts

FlYiNg FiSh-YoShI SaN (talkcontribs)

On AIO's Facebook page they are posting a lot of "new" content in the sense that they have made various photo edits/exclusive "adventures"/ canon-expanding photos such as the Whit's End schedule. Are we going to keep these off the wiki? For some reason I'd really like to upload Penny's "painting" of the Whit's End crew and trying to add an image description. "Penny's Painting of her friends (and Regis!) as Whit explains to them the intricacies of the Imagination Station. Based off the famous Rembrandt where eight guys stare at a cadaver."

Missing Cut And Fold Characters

Odyheyrfan (talkcontribs)

Template:HELPME I have noticed that the Cut and fold don’t have pictures of them disassembled anymore. Why is that? And can someone please fix it.

Odyheyrfan (talk) 17:49, 19 February 2022 (MST)

Quotes and Maiden Names

Jason (talkcontribs)

Here is something I noticed. For the characters who got married during the show there is a before they were married and an after. For the quotes I've noticed that when those characters have their maiden name a common approach is to use the ! to change the appearance of the name on the episode page. This approach doesn't keep the maiden name for the character page. I was wondering, since clicking on Penny Wise redirects to Penny Bassett, can we use Penny Wise without the ! and do that for Katrina too? It's a project I'm will to work on, but wasn't sure if there'd be a reason not to do it that way? Isaiah 40:31but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. ~ Jason ~ (talk) 08:44, 8 February 2022 (MST)

Jason (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure how active anyone is these days and I have loads of time today. I went ahead and changed it on five episodes. Visually speaking one pro of doing my suggestion is that it will have Penny Wise quotes before Penny Bassett quotes on the character page. So we get just a little bit more of organization. Again, I'm not certain if there are negatives to this approach with the templates and such, so I'll hold off on going further, just so that it's easier to undo if it needs to be. Isaiah 40:31but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. ~ Jason ~ (talk) 09:34, 8 February 2022 (MST)

Green Mamba (talkcontribs)

Within Albums 70 and 71, the AIO teams has begun a story arc involving Emily, Zoe, and Olivia. It seems to be following the spiritual journey of Olivia as she struggles with her faith. Although I only recognize 3 episodes within this arc, I was wondering if we should add a saga or story arc in the episode infoboxes for these 3 episodes. I see a lot of potential for this arc and would love to see how the AIO team develops it in future episodes. What are your thoughts? Also, if we make an arc or saga for this topic, what should it be called?

Skylerbuck (talkcontribs)

Yes I agree that it should be listed as a saga. As for the name of the saga, I don't know. Skylerbuck (talk) 10:57, 10 August 2021 (MDT)

Jason (talkcontribs)

I was thinking the same. I also think that Buck's storyline is deserving of a sage, unless those are part of the GRC saga?

Will Ryan Passed Away Today (Nov. 19th)

Eragorn (talkcontribs)

Via Phil Lollar on Facebook, "My AIO friends, it is with the deepest sadness and sorrow that I must tell you that our dear friend Will Ryan has died. We will be releasing a more formal announcement soon, but for now, please pray for Will’s family and friends as we cope with this tragic loss, and for courage and wisdom for us on AIO as we chart a course through the difficult days ahead."

Binary Rating System

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)

Hi all, I've been working with Aiow, Harlow, and others on a spreadsheet for a binary (approve/disapprove) AIO rating system. I recently imported the data to one of my user subpages, User:Scientific Guy/Binary. I'll be keeping it there for the time being. However, I was wondering if this would be suitable for an AIOWiki feature (in the contents box on the main page). Does it look like something I could publish here? Thanks!

Aiow (talkcontribs)

I'm don't think it should be part of the episode page. First of all we already have a rating on the wiki. Second if we add this rating system, then we open up the wiki to having any and all fan ratings. At this point I do not think that is something we want to. While it may be interesting to see how the wiki, scoop, binary, (that one I can't remember the name of where episodes are compared against each other), and others all rate various episodes, I do not think the episode page is a good place to do that. The episode information infobox is already a behemoth, and we really do not want to slow down the page generation with even more dpl include calls. That is not saying we can not have a page with a table that shows al the various ratings. In fact that wold be quite interesting, a pain to keep up to date, but quite cool. I just don't think other ratings should be on the episode pages, or album, or book, or product pages.

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)
Aiow (talkcontribs)

Oh. I understand now. Sure, I see no problem with that. I would change that page to name to something like Adventures in Odyssey Wiki:Binary Rating, but other than that sounds perfectly ok. I am curious as to why you have it under the Adventures in Odyssey Wiki namespace, why not simply in the main namespace? By any chance do you know of the fan built rating system I mentioned in that last post? My other question: How are you going to keep this binary rating updated? There are still lots of episodes that your reviewers have not rated yet. Do you have a system in mind, or just something you copy every so often?

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)

I was going to put it under the AIOWiki namespace because it's more of a feature rather than an informative article. I'll figure out a good name for it. The other rating system I think you're thinking of is the Odyssey Adventure Comparison System (OACS): The way I have this system set up currently is that the page User:Scientific Guy/Binary/Data is a direct copy of the "Exporting" sheet on the spreadsheet. I'll copy the data over regularly.

RichardMaxwell (talkcontribs)

How can I join the binary?

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)
RichardMaxwell (talkcontribs)

Ok, thanks!

OdysseyFan (talkcontribs)

My Favorite Topic. I was thinking about something: The "Products" page is still lacking the complete listings it should have, is there a way to add more "Products" that are not the "Album" or "Video" ie "Go West Young Man" is technically the "Episode" of the Video Series, but the "Go West Young Man" PRODUCTS include Multiple VHS, DVD, and special collection items, etc. Same with say "Album #2" I have multiple Cassette, CD Releases, similar to how "the Imagination Station" can be a single cassette, cd sampler or part of multiple albums. I know it might seem like a lot of "Duplicate" content, but if I'm looking for Specific information about a book like the 2nd release of the 2nd edition of Passages book 3, then it really would be nice to have it as a separate item(Page) with a link to the "Current" Book 2 as far as overall content. Ie: Grins Grabbers and great getaways, yellow clamshell with green stripe label cassettes vs the Whit character image cassette. I am partly trying to organize MY Collection using the Category option with the OF=no I can easily could items i don't have, but I am not able to easily count and categorize on the wiki items i do own because they are not listed as "Products" they are albums or videos or books, but those really encompass multiple releases. Please provide feedback on feasibility if not for ALL Products, then at least for "not-current". I guess similar to what the Scoop did for their "Quarantine" items.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure if this is the best solution, but I think it solves all the issues.

Currently the products on the wiki encompass all the additional merchandise, it does not include any of the books, albums, or videos. To be able to add product versions of each of those we need to separate the products from the content listing. Currently the album page for Album 70 is what I am calling the content listing. In this example a product listing for Album 70 would have the same album artwork, but would not need to have the track listing, nor notes or writers. This is strictly information about the cd release. Its product page would have information such as cd release date, isbn, etc. Also spiting the product listing from the album would greatly help simplify the earlier albums where they were repacked under a different name. As a further example take Life Lessons 02: Humility, we only need one content listing for that album, yet there would be two product pages because of the repack.

I was thinking because the product listings and (for instance) the album listings can have the same name, yet entirely different information we create a new "Products" namespace. That way we can keep the current system of albums, books, and videos on the wiki while adding product listings for each book version, album release, and video rerelease.

As a bonus, using a separate namespace for products will greatly simplify the dpl logic to generate "reports" of what product versions you have. We could even make an "Odyssey fan collection" page that automatically lists everything in your physical collection.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but ideally you'd like to have each version of every aio product (that includes the books, videos, and albums) catalogued on the wiki. Which would enable you to mark your collection and see what you still do not have.

I saw what you did with the Go West Young Man/VHS/EN/TN. I suppose that is the other way of doing the product versions, yet I think subpages is less optimal than a new product namespace because of all the different versions. We would end up with quite a hierarchy of subpages categorizing all the product variations.

Adding product listings for everything is quite different from how the wiki was designed, and quite frankly it was just not set up to do that. That is why even if my suggestion, a new namespace, sounds drastic I think it is the next step for the wiki. To add something of this magnitude requires rethinking the current system.

OdysseyFan (talkcontribs)

Sounds like you understand, I realize it's not a simple ask. When I started there were like 30 product Pages, now there are over 600, if this works, we could see that increase by over 1,000. and there are still a LOT of Clubhouse Magazine pages missing. You got the right idea, seeing what I did with the GWYM VHS, the ideal targets in Albums are the 1-51 Variations, Tyndale and Tommy Nelson, and repacks. Those sometimes released under a different ISBN# sometimes not. I have only recently discovered some even more obscure cover variations in the Public School Edition VHS tapes. the Life Lessons, Passages Books and even some Products pages can be split into variants. in the Pencils/ Stationary category mainly. so yes Big Project. but one that will make the Wiki a literal encyclopedia of information about AIO.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

If you browse through the recant changes you have no doubt seen me working on a new system to make the schedule pages. It is now fully functional, and can be readily tested. You will see no difference when looking at the schedule pages, this is purely a backend change. The main point was to reduce the number of templates it takes to build the schedules pages. In the current system we have 28 templates, that are all very similar. This new system I present to you for testing gets rid of the data duplication and lowers the number of templates down to 7. To reiterate, for the average user/viewer there will be no perceivable change to the schedule pages. This is solely to clean up the backend, which will make life for those of us who edit the templates MUCH easier. (There will no longer be a need to copy changes to 28 templates.)

To test this simply go to any schedule page, such as Schedule for August 2009 (that one in particular because it will show the extra text for the weekend) and change {{calander}} with {{calandertest}}.

If anyone finds any bugs or anything I overlooked let me know here. Otherwise I do not envision any problems with changing the calendar system to this new system.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Check.svg Done I made the change to the calendar template, and marked the old templates for deletion.

Reddo (talkcontribs)

It's that time again to update the wiki, I've run the update and checked a few things, most things seem to be working. Please report here anything that's broken and I'll do what I can to fix it.

  1. Check.svg Done collapsible animation is broken
  2. Check.svg Done categorygallery - replaced with new dpl templates
  3. Check.svg Done lua permissions
  4. Check.svg Done chart fonts - new graph extension can do some cool new things with this too
  5. Check.svg Done rating bar disable cache
  6. Check.svg Done side bar css
  7. Check.svg Done lua
  8. Check.svg Done new youtube extension
  9. Check.svg Done templateData to replace templateInfo
  10. Check.svg Done templateWizard allows us to make a gui for editing templates
Aiow (talkcontribs)

The styles on the collapsible headers in left nav are broken. See picture ( for what styles I disabled to get the underlines to display correctly. I expect there are some styles left over from older themes that are now conflicting with the new mediawiki install.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Found an important one. Scribunto is broken so all our modules are not working. See Module:Foobar or Shona Rodman as an example.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

This error is much less important, but a bit odd. The Navigation popups gadget (you have to enable the gadget first) works but has an error. When hovering over the "most recent edit" button in the action menu an alert box come up that says: "This function of navigation popups now requires a MediaWiki installation with the API enabled." image of the bug However everything seems to work, after closing the alert, it does not reappear on the same page session. All the buttons have the correct links even the "most recent edit" button.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Did a quick search and it appears like the error is from the wrong file permissions. [1], [2] I'd start looking there. (also sent you an email, because this is still not working).

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Yet another one... Trying to make the Nov clubhouse page I'm getting this error:

Internal error

[X9FX6@ZGqZexhypJIo@YVAAATBQ] /w/index.php?title=November_2020_Clubhouse_Magazine&action=submit Error from line 203 of /home/dh_aiowiki/ Call to undefined method Parser::disableCache()


#0 /home/dh_aiowiki/ W4GrbShowRatingBar(Parser, Title)
#1 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->callParserFunction(PPTemplateFrame_Hash, string, array)
#2 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->braceSubstitution(array, PPTemplateFrame_Hash)
#3 /home/dh_aiowiki/ PPFrame_Hash->expand(PPNode_Hash_Tree)
#4 /home/dh_aiowiki/ PageInCat::render(Parser, PPTemplateFrame_Hash, array)
#5 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->callParserFunction(PPTemplateFrame_Hash, string, array)
#6 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->braceSubstitution(array, PPTemplateFrame_Hash)
#7 /home/dh_aiowiki/ PPFrame_Hash->expand(PPNode_Hash_Tree)
#8 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->braceSubstitution(array, PPFrame_Hash)
#9 /home/dh_aiowiki/ PPFrame_Hash->expand(PPNode_Hash_Tree, integer)
#10 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->replaceVariables(string)
#11 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->internalParse(string)
#12 /home/dh_aiowiki/ Parser->parse(string, Title, ParserOptions)
#13 /home/dh_aiowiki/ PageInCat::onEditPageGetPreviewContent(EditPage, WikitextContent)
#14 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookContainer->callLegacyHook(string, array, array, array)
#15 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookContainer->run(string, array)
#16 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookRunner->onEditPageGetPreviewContent(EditPage, WikitextContent)
#17 /home/dh_aiowiki/ EditPage->getPreviewText()
#18 /home/dh_aiowiki/ EditPage->showEditForm()
#19 /home/dh_aiowiki/ EditPage->edit()
#20 /home/dh_aiowiki/ EditAction->show()
#21 /home/dh_aiowiki/ SubmitAction->show()
#22 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki->performAction(Article, Title)
#23 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki->performRequest()
#24 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki->main()
#25 /home/dh_aiowiki/ MediaWiki->run()
#26 /home/dh_aiowiki/ wfIndexMain()
#27 {main}

So mediawiki 1.35 removed disableCache, which is obviously what is causing the error [1]. Now I have no idea why we've been able to create and edit pages for three weeks and this only shows up now...

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)

Can't create page Kopfkino: A Hair, a Hedgehog, and a Doof. Nvm, I got it. I added {{{showRating}}} to the IEI Template because the wiki couldn't handle creating the page with the rating bar active. Possibly that's what's happening above.

Reddo (talkcontribs)

okay so I've tried fixing the rating bar extension, I'm the only maintainer of it so it's not as easy as downloading an update. I'll check back tomorrow to see if things have improved

Skylerbuck (talkcontribs)

The links to the actor's IMDB pages are broken in the staff infoboxes.

Also, I've noticed that Mabel is not showing up when creating new categories.

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)
Reddo (talkcontribs)

I'll get working on that, hopefully it's an easy fix

Reddo (talkcontribs)

got part of the call extension working again, there's probably a few thinks still broken with it but I'll keep working on it

Aiow (talkcontribs)

The new template systems look very nice. Lots to explore there. On a completely different note, and just a small thing. Could you change the css for the hover tip? I want to be able to make the Template:Verse_hover work inline. (An example is on the talk page, should be inline, but mediawiki breaks the paragraphs around the div). Simply replacing the div in that template with a span would work if the styles were .tip span instead of div.tip span. The other two styles that would need to drop the div are div.tip:hover span, and div.tip:hover span::after. It is all the styles under the "/*nice looking hover boxes for character charts */" heading in the Common.css.

Again thanks for all the work you are doing updating everything.

Reddo (talkcontribs)

made those 3 changes to the css files, also made you an interface admin so you should be able to edit it now too if you desire further changes

OdysseyFan (talkcontribs)

[X@zuU7e21ObWsW3m-VIW2gAAEQw] /wiki/Special:ReplaceText Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError from line 1699 of /home/dh_aiowiki/ A database query error has occurred. Did you forget to run your application's database schema updater after upgrading?

Reddo (talkcontribs)

congratulations you found a bug in the actual mediawiki software, not just something that I forgot to update. I've patched it and make sure that it gets fixed for future releases

OdysseyFan (talkcontribs)

Is there a bug Bounty we can claim?

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the css changes and permission. I'm very excited for the new graph extension. I saw that you enabled it with interactive on, hurray! That will enable some awesome graphs. Imagine the album ratings with hover on each of the data points that shows the rating value, album art, ect. Lots to learn with vega, but boy this is great! Hovering over the graph to show the values is something I have wanted for years, but was impossible with the old pCharts. Interactive mode opens up a world of new possibilities.

Reddo (talkcontribs)

Yeah I'm excited about that too, also way cooler timelines, I'm sure there's other uses too but yes lots to learn

Aiow (talkcontribs)

So learning vega is hard. It is a real challenge to find v2 docs or examples. Vega v2 is now over 5 years old which makes nearly everything you find about vega incompatible. I have made some progress!

Reddo (talkcontribs)

yes It would be nice if they updated it to a more recent version, there's support tickets filed for upgrading but it doesn't look like much is happening on them. if it was just as easy as coping a couple js files over I'd do it no problem but there's a bit more than that going on. If work slows down I might take a look at it but it's not high on my list right now