Sergeant York, Part 3

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#710: “Sergeant York, Part 3”
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July 19, 2011
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1 Corinthians 13:7

7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

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Sergeant York, Part 3

“Sergeant York, Part 3” is episode #710 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Dave Arnold, and originally aired on April 21, 2012.

Avery Award Winner!
This episode won an Avery Award for Best Sound in the Summer 2012 Season!
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Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard tell the story of Sergeant Alvin York, a troublemaker from rural Tennessee who became a World War I hero.


Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard continue their Kids' Radio production on World War I hero, Alvin York.

Alvin is given a ten day pass to return home and think and pray about God's will for him and fighting in the war. Alvin is greeted by Pastor Pyle and he explains why he's back in town. Pyle takes him to the store so he can see Gracie Williams and his mother. He tells them that he has ten days to wrap his mind around fighting in the war. He explains that he needs to go up on the mountain to think and to pray. Pyle explains that there comes a time when everyone must take what they've been taught and turn it into what he or she really believes.

Alvin goes up on his mountain and prays. He wrestles for two days and two nights about what God wanted him to do. While reading the beatitudes and the Hymn that Pyle wrote on the inside of his Bible, he came to a decision and went back home to tell his family and Pyle what he decided on. He came to the conclusion that killing to protect and murder are two different things. He explains that sometimes the only way to make peace is through war. He tells them that he's set on fighting in the war. Gracie expresses her concerns that he might not come back. He tells them that in the same way that God protected the three in the fiery furnace, if it's God's will God will bring him out safely after the war.

He returns and the Captain is glad to hear that York decided to fight. Alvin and his company was sent to France. While there, in one circumstance they were in a trench, and some snipers were making them very nervous. Alvin reminds his men that anything that happens is supposed to happen. Over the next few months, York and his men went from one place to another, fighting their way through the woods and closer to the heavier fighting. Alvin wrote in his journal that as they got closer, they began to get better at determining the size of the shells and where it would hit. At one point it made them really nervous so they began to dig and they dug fast. Ten feet down, and they thought they might be safe. After one close shot, they continued digging.

Within a month York's battalion pushed through a section called San Diel. It was some tough times, but after a fierce battle they captured a town called Noroy. The men celebrate their victory, but they also take a moment to honor the ones lost. During their celebration, Kosinsky approaches with a goat. The captain reprimands Kosinsky or the goat, and warns the men not to steal any of the local livestock or produce. The captain recalls going against his own advice to get some grapes. A bomb went off and York nearly ran right into him, with a surprised look on his face.

In one battle the fighting got real intense. Robert tells Alvin he's afraid and Alvin says a prayer that seems to calm Robert down. A few seconds later, York nearly gets hit; Robert got hit instead. (Continued in #711: “Sergeant York, Part 4 ”)

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VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] The first scene of the broadcast version of this episode features Eugene and Red Hollard recapping the story from the previous episode.

  • PARENTAL WARNING: This four part episode reflects on the life of Alvin York. While it is presented in a way that kids can handle, it contains some deaths of friends of Alvin and has a couple war scenes. As well as tackles the controversy of Christians going to war. It is encouraged for a parent to listen with their children and discuss the issues presented in the episode.
  • This was originally a 3 part episode. However, after editing the voice tracks, the AIO team discovered that the episode is 18 minutes too long. Rather than cut 18 minutes from the story, they decided to make it into AIO's first regular 4 part episode.
  • This episode was originally planned for Album 54 but was pushed back to Album 55 to make room for the episodes including Penny.


Alvin York: I guess I'm as confused as Adam on Mother's day.

Red Hollard: Boy, I'll tell you them boys were as nervous as a goose in a pillow factory.
Eugene Meltsner: Huh?