The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3

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#681: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3”
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July 20, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3” is episode #681 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on March 26, 2011.


Connie begins her art class at Campbell College and meets Penny Wise. Buck Oliver applies for a job at Whit's End and Whit searches for his missing grandson.


Connie is in an art class at the college and meets a new friend named Penny Wise. Connie is taking the class to help her with Dreams By Constance. Connie and Penny get to be art partners in the class which makes Connie feel a lot less nervous about being there.

At the hospital, Whit, Dr. Graham and Lou Ross are in the security room trying to figure out how Monty disappeared. By watching a security tape, they see that he snuck out of his room, grabbed some clothes from the room next door, and proceeded to sneak out of the hospital. They then knew that Monty had snuck out on purpose. Lou requested that no one know about this until they know more.

Eugene and Emily are talking at Whit's End when Don Polehaus enters. He asks them for their contact information and Eugene presents him with two note cards. They show Polehaus the backpack and he begins checking it for clues. He finds the counterfeit money, a book,and a flight plan for the crashed airplane. The plane had been headed to Chicago, and then changed to head to Atlanta. Also a map of Odyssey, and a sheet with numbers on it. Buck Oliver then enters to hang up posters for the carnival. He then mentions the help wanted sign in the window and that he'd like to apply.

Back at the college, Connie is feeling discouraged because of her drawings. Penny tries to encourage her by looking at her drawings including of a rabbit with fangs. Penny's drawings on the other hand are great according to Connie. Dr. Trask walks up to them and looks at them. Her first two weren't that impressive, but her last one of a rendition of the Mona Lisa was so astounding that Dr. Trask showed it to the class.

At the hospital, Polehaus, Whit, Graham, and Lou Ross are discussing Monty's reasoning for running away. A Lady named Agent Lauren Tanner from U.S. Secret Service. She claims that Monty has gone rogue and is working with the counterfeit ring.

Buck finishes filling out the application and returns it to Eugene. Eugene suggests that Emily update her parents about the situation and she goes. Buck leaves with his posters and calls Mr. Skint. He tells Skint that the backpack was there, but Polehaus has it. He also mentioned that with Emily being an amateur detective it may be a possibility for her to help him find the Appleberry.

Whit insists that Monty wouldn't turn rogue, but Agent Tanner insists circumstances say other wise. Polehaus gives Tanner an update on what he knows. Polehaus is convinced that Wally is in on the counterfeiting due to his past. Polehaus says that an expert is itemizing and counting the money and that the money is high quality counterfeit. Agent Tanner says that she will explain about Monty's work after at the police station because she wants to see the backpack.

Connie and Penny go to an eatery on the college campus. And Penny tries to convince Connie to start a business selling Connie's replica paintings. In their conversation Connie learns that Penny is a Christian and in a group by Dr. Trask on the campus.

At the station Tanner tells Polehaus and Whit that Monty started in DeMoines, and came across a mom and pop operation involving counterfeits. They sent Monty in, and then they found out that operation had ties to The Stiletto. Mom and Pop counterfeiters lead them to their contact Derk Begs and was sent under cover to be Derk's pal. She goes on to say that Derk recently kept mentioning a green ring. And that the job would involve millions of dollars and that Monty might get a piece of that if he was smart. Because of this and Monty's disappearance, Agent Tanner is inclined to think the worst. Whit still isn't convinced that Monty would go rogue. Whit leaves to go home.

Whit pulls into the garage and notices that the door is open. He walks in shouting to see if anyone is there. He goes in further and finds Monty on the floor!

Discussion Questions

  1. Monty Whittaker pretends to be on the bad side to help the good people. Have you ever fooled someone into believing a lie?
  2. What happened?


Heard in episode

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Monty Whittaker John Whittaker
Jana Whittaker-Dowd John Whittaker
Derk Begs Don Polehaus
Wally Haggler Don Polehaus
The Stilletto Lauren Tanner





Connie Kendall: Did you say Penny Wise? As in a penny wise and a pound foolish?
Penny Wise: Yes. And I guess the name Connie Kendall goes with the expression Connie Kendall kicked a copper kettle carelessly?
Connie Kendall: That's an expression?
Penny Wise: No, but I think every name should have an expression to go with it, don't you?
Connie Kendall: I've never really thought about it before.
Penny Wise: You would if you had a name like Penny Wise.
Connie Kendall: Yeah, maybe I would.

Emily Jones: Oooh! You're putting on latex gloves, that's so cool! Is that to protect any fingerprints?
Don Polehaus: No, it's to make sure I don't give the money any icky germs.
Emily Jones: Really?
Don Polehaus: No, it's to protect any fingerprints.

Buck Oliver: Nice...backpack.
Don Polehaus: Yeah, it is. I bought it because it matches the coffee stains on my shirt.

Eugene, Buck, and Polehaus: Hello?
Don Polehaus: Uh, it's for me.
Eugene and Buck: Oh.

Don Polehaus: I once kidnapped a cow after hitting my head in a car accident, but that's another story for another time.

Don Polehaus: Nice work, kids.
Eugene Meltsner: Did you call me a kid?

Penny Wise: Someone once said,"Capability is the soil on which our talent grows."
Connie Kendall: Who said that?
Penny Wise: I just made it up, but it sounds really smart, doesn't it?