Whit's End (Colorado Springs)

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Whit's End (Colorado Springs)
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Whit's End in Colorado Springs is a free real-life amusement house based around Adventures in Odyssey for kids and Odyssey fans. In addition to Adventures in Odyssey, Whit's End is also partially based on The Last Chance Detectives. It is housed inside of Focus on the Family's Welcome Center.


The Soda Fountain

(The Soda Fountain serves food, drinks, and ice cream imitating Whit's End.)

  • Menu Choices:
    • Meal Deal:
      • Several entrees including fresh sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets and Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches.
      • Includes Chips or Apple Slices, and a Drink
    • Snacks like hot pretzels, Nachos and Chips
    • Large thick-crust pizza (16" with 10 slices)
    • Drinks:
      • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and Pink Lemonade
      • Root Beer Float
      • Fruit Smoothies-various flavors (gluten and dairy-free)
    • Ice Cream:
    • Popcorn
    • Ice Cream Bars

Video Corral

  • A cave-styled room showing continuous Adventures in Odyssey video series videos.

The Tunnel

  • A simple 2 yard tunnel that kids can climb through.

Whit's Whimsical Hallway

  • A hallway with various paintings of different scenes of Odyssey.

Foley Room

  • A room showing how the Foley staff makes different types of sounds for Odyssey.
    • The room includes shoes and different surfaces they rub against the shoes.

Birthday Party Rooms

  • Specially themed rooms for kid's birthday parties, ("J and J Antiques" and the "Odyssey Fire Station")


  • Toddler's can play inside a specially designed room for them.


  • A 3 story, 76 foot corkscrew slide which leads to the lobby of Whit's End.
    • In order to ride the slide, the user must first put socks on their hands and a over-sized bag on in their legs.


  • A small indoor playground for young children.

Little Theater

  • A stage where kids can dress up as different characters for plays. Near the theater there is a dressing room with all kinds of costumes and accessories. They can also do puppet plays.

Kids' Radio

  • A recording studio where kids can act on a radio play for a small fee. You go into the studio and record your own Odyssey episode. A previous script, “The Case of the Broken Lamp” was used until 2018. After the recording, the kids receive a copy of their recording.

Picture Board

  • A large board with various Odyssey Characters with holes in the heads so people can put their heads in them and take a picture.

Original Whit's End Bell

  • The first bell used for the opening and closing of the door in the Adventures in Odyssey radio series.

The B-17 Bomber

  • The bomber is a recreation of the bomber used in the Last Chance Detective series.
    • The bomber has buttons in the cockpit that create bomber sounds.
    • The body of the bomber has different detective-like articles.
    • The end of the bomber leads into another area of Whit's End.

The Mine Shaft


  • Based on the Chronicles of Narnia, you can walk through the wardrobe into another world.

Scavenger Hunt

In Whit's End, a scavenger hunt is organized where the person picks up one of four cards and tries to find all the items on the list.