Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course

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#485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”
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37: Countermoves
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1 Peter 5:2

2Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, serving as overseers--not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve;

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Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course

“Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course” is episode #485 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Nathan Hoobler and Marshal Younger, and originally aired on February 2, 2002.


Connie continues to investigate Eugene's disappearance and has to decide if she will trust Mitch. Or is he a spy for Novacom?


Millie Shanks has decided it’s time to tell the truth, and she begins by explaining to Jack and Joanne Allen that her husband was very secretive about his business. He was a board member for Andromeda and he provided a grant for Eugene’s position at the college. (This explains why the money mysteriously came through in "Malachi's Message".) Armitage never told Eugene about it because he did not think Eugene to be the sort of person to want to benefit from a future in-law's charity, but Millie thinks the research is frightening. She says Andromeda will do anything in their power to get it back, and while she has heard that it will be world-changing information, she believes that if Andromeda is involved, they should expect the worst.

Meanwhile, Whit confronts Dean Rogers and demands to know more. Under pressure, Dean Rogers tells Whit that he got a grant from Andromeda for the radio wave study, which was undertaken to attempt to convert radio waves to brain waves; the research would have incredible benefits for the handicapped and society at large. Eugene had a major break-through just before, according to the dean, he stole the research. While they’re talking, AREM pops up on Dean Rogers' computer. Whit talks to him and says he wants to meet; AREM reluctantly agrees and instructs Whit to come to the Skyline Motel that night at 6:00.

At the same time in Chicago, Arthur Dent comes to Jack and Joanne's hotel room and says he has information about Eugene and Katrina. He says he’ll show Jack some information if he’ll meet him at the Andromeda Building that night at 5:30 in the alleyway by the dumpster, and Jack reluctantly agrees.

Back at Whit’s End, Connie tries to avoid Mitch by ducking into a broom closet, but Mitch follows her. They talk about their relationship and Connie admits that she doesn't trust him. Mitch tries to save the relationship by telling Connie that he'll open up, but when Connie asks about the picture of the woman in Mitch’s briefcase, Mitch dodges answering her. He does, however, ask her to meet someone on Whit’s computer that night at 5:45. He tells her that if she wants to find out what happened Eugene, she will do what the person tells her to do. Connie is unsure, but Mitch insists that he’ll prove himself to her.

That evening in Chicago, Jack has a cab drop him off at his meeting place. He’s nervous and asks God for a little peace—assurance that he is not being foolish.

At the same time, Connie waits anxiously on the computer for her mysterious contact. Alex appears in the room and asks Connie what all the weirdness around Whit’s End is about. While they’re talking, AREM pops up on the computer. Connie begs Alex to stay, in spite of Alex's protests, and AREM tells her to intercept a file that will be coming from Campbell College to Andromeda. Alex tells her not to download it, that it is potentially dangerous, but AREM is persistent. Connie has a moment of tense indecision, deciding to trust Mitch, decides to download the file.

Meanwhile, Mitch sits at his computer and breathes a sigh of relief as the download begins. Suddenly he hears crashing outside, and a man breaks through the door and barks, “Freeze! Don’t move!”

Back at Whit’s End, Connie tries in vain to talk to AREM, but he doesn’t respond, and she asks Alex if she can look at the download alone.

In Chicago, Jack decides that he’s waited long enough—Dent is nearly a half-hour late, and Jack has been warned by a security guard. He heads to the cab, but Dent rushes up just as he opens the door. He starts to explain to Jack what he needs when a car screeches around the corner. Dent roughly thrusts a package into Jack’s hands and yells for him to “GO!” The cab drives off just as another car arrives. Mr. Charles, the mysterious man last seen in “Grand Opening,” pulls Dent into the car and tells the driver to follow Jack. Jack’s driver, however, puts the pedal to the metal and loses Charles’s car. Charles demands Dent tell him what the package was and where it was going. Dent isn’t talking, and Charles tells the driver that it’s time for another "experiment." "You’re going to help us Mr. Dent," Charles growls, "whether you want to or not."

Just then back in Odyssey, Whit pulls up to the Skyline Motel to find the place surrounded by police. Uneasy, he walks up and eventually meets FBI agent Peter Bourland, who tells him that he was investigating Robert Mitchell. According to Bourland, Mitch is a notorious computer hacker who has broken into dozens of systems in recent months. Mitch went by the name of AREM, which stood for his initials (R. M.), and he had even used the name back in Boston. Then he tells Whit even worse news: Robert Mitchell is dead.


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford
Andromeda Security Guard Brian Cummings
AREM Bob Luttrell
Arthur Dent Christopher Snell
Bennett Charles Jess Harnell
Cab Driver David Griffin
Mr. Charles's Chauffer Unknown
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Dean Douglas Rogers Jesse Corti
Jack Allen Alan Young
Joanne Allen Janet Waldo
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Millie Shanks Julia Kazarian
Peter Bourland Keith Silverstein
Police Officer Jesse Corti
Robert Mitchell Steve Burns

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Armitage Shanks Millie Shanks
Eugene Meltsner Millie Shanks
Katrina Meltsner Millie Shanks
Rachel Jefferson Alex Jefferson
Nick Mulligan Alex Jefferson
Cal Jordan Alex Jefferson
David Straussberg Alex Jefferson
Mr. Jefferson Alex Jefferson
Powerboy Alex Jefferson
Dr. Ichabodia Alex Jefferson
Wooton Bassett Alex Jefferson


  • Why Mitch had taken out a hotel room in this episode (before even knowing he would meet with Whit, since he knew the room number during their conversation) is never explained.


Peter Bourland: Mr. Whittaker, Robert Mitchell... is dead.

Connie Kendall: You've got all these secrets. I feel like I'm dating the Pentagon, and I don't even know how to ask you about any of it! I mean, my biggest secret is that I'm afraid of staplers!
Robert Mitchell: Connie--
Connie Kendall: You're not gonna tell anybody, are you?
Robert Mitchell: I promise, but if you'll... you're afraid of staplers?

Alex Jefferson: He's probably laughing hysterically that we were dumb enough to accept his stupid virus!

Jack Allen: So you have no idea what the research involves?
Millie Shanks: When I asked Armitage, all he would say was that it would change our society.
Joanne Allen: For better or for worse?
Millie Shanks: Time will tell, I suppose. But if Andromeda has anything to do with it, I would expect the worst.

Alex Jefferson: Sure, but I have a few questions for you. It sounds like a lot of weird stuff is happening around here.
Connie Kendall: Weirder than usual, you mean?
Alex Jefferson: My mom works at the college and I heard her telling dad about Eugene. Dean Rogers is her boss and he said Eugene took off with a bunch of research files.
Connie Kendall: What?
Alex Jefferson: But then I got here and Cal said he overheard David say that he found out that Nick said and that he heard from Whit that you got a mysterious e-mail from Eugene saying that he was safe.
Connie Kendall: W-what? Wait. Who said who was safe?
Alex Jefferson: And then I heard that Doctor Ichabodia was holding Eugene captive in his lair until he gave up the secret location of Powerboy's stash of shining arrows!
Connie Kendall: Where did that come from?
Alex Jefferson: Wooton.

Jack Allen: Oh no. They're following us!
Cab Driver: They're following us? Awesome! Do you want me to lose 'em?
Jack Allen: Yes, yes. Uh, put the pedal to the metal!
Cab Driver: I've been waiting my entire life for someone to say that!

Dean Douglas Rogers: Something tells me you have more hobbies than ice cream, Mr. Whittaker.
John Whittaker: Well, I dabble a bit.

Alex Jefferson: Don't listen to him! He's probably trying to delete Whit's End!