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#720: “Happy Hunting”
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January 18, 2012
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56: The Grand Design
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James 1:2

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

John 16:22
22So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.

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Happy Hunting

“Happy Hunting” is episode #720 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Kathy Buchanan and Paul McCusker, and originally aired on November 10, 2012.


Penny Wise embarks on a frantic search to find happiness, but in the process she makes everyone around her miserable.


At the Art Gallery, Jacques Henri greets Penny Wise as she arrives for work. Jacques shows Penny some new pieces for her to sell. She states that the work is terrible. Jacques says that she must sell them, since it's her job.

Penny finishes her day at the gallery and goes to home. Her roommate Connie Kendall is cleaning out the fridge, throwing away moldy and old items. Penny complains to Connie about her terrible day. She asks Connie how she stays happy all the time. Connie makes the comment that it's a choice. This gives Penny something to think about.

At Whit's End, Penny is trying to get Wooton Bassett to guess what is different about her, but he can't seem to put a finger on it. John Whittaker (Whit) enters and joins the guessing game. He notices the price tag still on Penny's boot and makes a guess. Penny states that she bought her new boots to help her be happy. Penny shows them an article that has ways to be a happier person. Whit states that she may be on the wrong track for her pursuit to happiness, but she wants to try the magazine's ideas anyway. She decides to go for a run in her new boots.

Connie helps Penny into Whit's End after a trip to the emergency room. She fell while taking her run, and broke two of her ribs. Connie wanted to take her home, but she insisted she needed a raspberry ripple sundae first. Wooton enters Whit's End, and tries to make Penny laugh. He succeeds, but then learns that Penny is in pain when she laughs.

Wooton and Connie help Penny back to the apartment. Wooton offers to make whatever Penny wants for dinner. She suggests salmon because the article said that foods high in omega 3 increase happiness. Wooton goes home to prepare the salmon. When dinner is finished, Whit comes over to join them. They compliment Wooton on his cooking, and then Penny starts having an allergic reaction to the salmon. They rush Penny to the hospital.

The next morning, Penny's face is back to normal. She tells Connie that she's trying to smile more because the nurse said the more you smile the happier you'll feel. Connie tells Penny she's taking this happiness thing too far. Penny says she agrees, and tells Connie that she plans to go to a meeting for people determined to be happy. Connie doesn't think it's a good idea, but Penny is determined to go. She talks Connie into going with her so that Connie can tell her why it's flaky.

The support group goes about as bad as Connie expected. After the group, Penny tries to help Connie see the positive side of every situation. At Whit's End, Whit tries to help Penny see that sometimes God calls us to do things that doesn't make us happy. He tries to get her to understand that it's not always about how we feel. Penny misses the point, and thinks that one way to be happier is to help others. She makes a plan to do something with Wooton the next day.

Connie arrives at the apartment, and finds Penny listening to bird noises. She turns and sees that Penny's arm is in a cast. She tells Connie that she got a frequent visitor card from the ER and her next visit is half off. She goes on to say that she and Wooton went to the homeless shelter to serve spaghetti, and when she went to pour the vat of spaghetti down the drain she slipped and fell. Connie tries to explain that Penny's quest for happiness is wearing her out. Penny decides to leave Connie and pursue happiness elsewhere.

Penny goes to Whit's End, and talks to Whit more about happiness. She doesn't understand why none of the ideas worked. Whit explains that happiness is an emotion and no one can maintain an emotion for very long. He goes on to say that God does want us to be happy, but it only comes through a relationship with Him, and the peace, joy, and contentment come with it. Penny returns home and finds Connie listening to her bird sounds. They make up, and then Connie says that Jacques called and left her a message. He said that she didn't have to sell the paintings, and that he would love to have her back. This made Penny happy.

Discussion Questions

  1. Should we be happy?
  2. Does God want us to be happy?
  3. What is the difference between being happy and joyful?


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Bradford Wooton Bassett



Connie Kendall: Yuck, eww, gross! Is this stuff broccoli? No, eww-It's a hamburger! That is SO wrong.

Penny Wise: ...and then I spilled coffee on my skirt at lunch.
Connie Kendall: Why didn't you come home to change?
Penny Wise: Because Jacques Henri said it looked more artistic.

Wooton Bassett: Now my friends, making marshmallows DISAPPEAR! Connie, I believe you'll find some in your purse.
Connie Kendall: Uhh... Nope!
Wooton Bassett: You didn't? WOW! I'm good!!!!!

Wooton Bassett: Where did her eyes go? Find her eyes!!!!!

John Whittaker: Whoa! What happened here?
Connie Kendall: I took her to the emergency room! They said she broke two ribs!
John Whittaker: What?
Connie Kendall: She was running, and tripped!
Penny Bassett: Down a hill, across two parking spots, and it hurts to talk, finish for me Connie.
Connie Kendall: Across two parking spots, into a trash can, and then a lamppost.
John Whittaker: Ooh!
Connie Kendall: Yeah. She called me on her cell phone. I found her, and took her to the hospital.

Wooton Bassett: Whoa, is that the price or the phone number for the shop, do these boots have heels made of gold?
Penny Bassett: I had a rough day!
Wooton Bassett: I guess!