Sheep's Clothing

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#493: “Sheep's Clothing”
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38: Battle Lines
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Jeremiah 9:6

6You live in the midst of deception; in their deceit they refuse to acknowledge me," declares the LORD.

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Sheep's Clothing

“Sheep's Clothing” is episode #493 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on May 25, 2002.


Monica Stone tries to steal a disk from Jason, who is in Alaska. Back at Odyssey, Whit and Agent Bourland investigate Novacom.


Whit and FBI Agent Bourland survey the scene at Whit’s End. Bourland recalls telling Whit that there were two things blocking Novacom. He thinks the Imagination Station was one and now they’ve stolen it. The other was Eugene Meltsner’s research. Bourland hopes the research is in a safe place.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, Monica Stone is still interning with Jason, pretending to be someone named Paula Jarvis. It’s clear that Jason likes Monica, but Jason’s friend Walter is suspicious of her. She doesn’t seem to be telling the truth. Jason gets a disk from Eugene and asks Walter to put it in the safe at the radio station.

Back in Odyssey, Bourland goes to Novacom and finds Kevin Colburn gone and Mr. Charles in his place. He believes it’s a dead end...they may never find the Imagination Station.

Back in Alaska, Monica asks Jason if he has anywhere he keeps valuables. She wants to put a special ring somewhere where it won’t get stolen. Jason says he’ll put in it in a safe place. Meanwhile, Walter calls Paula Jarvis’s residence, only to find that Monica is there! He realizes that Paula must be an impostor.

At Whit’s End, Whit gets a call from Fran at the Missions Board telling him that Eugene asked for Jason’s address. Whit realizes that Eugene sent the disk to Jason. He calls Jason telling him that he should guard the disk with his life and to be on the lookout for Mr. Charles and Monica Stone. Jason sheepishly admits he may have already seen Monica.

Monica, meanwhile, is tracking the disk down. The ring she gave Jason was actually a tracking device. Charles calls, demanding that she get the disk now. She tells him she bugged Eugene’s phone so Charles should bug off. Just as she’s cracking the safe, Walter shows up. Monica pulls a gun and tells Walter to open the safe. Minutes later, Jason comes in and finds the safe open and Walter tied up. Jason dashes to the airport. He finds Monica and demands the disk. She hands it over, but tells him it’s too late...she already e-mailed the information. Jason can’t believe she deceived him. Monica tells him that the technology will do wonderful, helpful things. She also tells him that they are alike...they both fight for what they believe in. Jason says she’s right, which is why he’s going to do everything to stop her.

Discussion Questions

  1. Was Jason wrong to trust Monica?
    • Why or why not?
  2. Monica deceived Jason. Jeremiah 9:6 tells us we live in the midst of deception. How can we tell what the truth is?
  3. Read John 14:6. How does knowing Jesus help a person know the truth?
  4. How do you feel when someone lies to you?
    • How do you think God feels when someone lies?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Airport Employee Cindy Shields
Bennett Charles Jess Harnell
Fran Cindy Shields
Mr. Jarvis Jess Harnell
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Monica Stone Melissa Disney
Peter Bourland Keith Silverstein
Walter Madison Jack Blessing

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Aubrey Shepard John Whittaker
Erica Colburn John Whittaker
Nick Mulligan John Whittaker
Kevin Colburn Peter Bourland
Arthur Dent John Whittaker
Eugene Meltsner John Whittaker
The Chairman Bennett Charles
Robert Mitchell Bennett Charles
Tasha Forbes Jason Whittaker


  • The strawberry festival in Kirtland, Ohio that Walter talks about in this episode is a real-life event.
  • Mr. Charles tells Agent Bourland in this episode that the Colburns are away on vacation. Later, Agent Bourland refers to the fact that Mr. Colburn is going on a two-week vacation. However, Mr. Charles never mentioned how long the vacation was. This goof was due to the fact that a line by Mr. Charles saying they went on a two week vacation was cut out during production. The line by Bourland was forgotten, so this line remains.
  • Jason refers to Wisconsin in this episode as "up there," even though they are in Alaska. Wisconsin is south of Alaska.


Paula: You're using sticks? Now, where are the matches?
Jason Whittaker: I couldn't find any. I don't need 'em anyway. I almost got it with these sticks!
Paula: Jason, have you ever made a fire before?
Jason Whittaker: Look, Paula, I'll have you know, I survived a blizzard in Tibet because of my expert fire-making skills.
Paula: Really? Tibet, huh?
Jason Whittaker: ...Okay, Wisconsin. But they have some harsh winters up there too.

Paula: Jason's caveman fire making skills are just a little rusty since his trip to the Himalayas.
Walter Madison: Well, it might help you to know that this is a gas fire place.
Jason Whittaker: What?
Walter Madison: It turns on with this switch.

Monica Stone: I'm not wasting time. I'm building up trust.
Bennett Charles: With Whittaker?
Monica Stone: Yes.
Bennett Charles: So, does he trust you?
Monica Stone: Oh, yes. He may even be in love.

Monica Stone: I'm not a criminal, I don't like pulling guns on people! I just—I know in the end it'll all be worth it, you'll see! I'm sorry.
Jason Whittaker: You're sorry? How am I supposed to believe that? Everything you did was an act.
Monica Stone: Actually, I found myself doing less acting as I went along. I mean, the more I got to know you, the harder it became to do this. And under different circumstances, I would have enjoyed getting to know you better.
Jason Whittaker: Yeah, well, they'd have to be very different circumstances.