The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 12

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#690: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 12”
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October 6, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 12

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 12” is episode #690 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on May 28, 2011.


Things heat up as the Green Ring tries to slip away. Whit and Detective Polehaus frantically search for Connie, Penny, and Wooton, and the counterfeit money while Emily, Matthew, and Eugene help from Whit's End. Will they stop the Green Ring in time?


Detective Polehaus is ecstatic, the money was not on the trucks nor was it in the compound. He calls John Whittaker and they party line with Eugene Meltsner, Matthew Parker, and Emily Jones. Emily tells them that The Old Ross Compound has five structures. Polehaus knew of four, the fifth being an underground bunker hidden in a hill. They decide that it would be the ideal place for the ring to have hidden the money.

Polehaus, Whit and Martin get to the compound. They don't find the money, but instead they find hay bales and pieces of a picnic meaning Connie, Penny and Wooton could be wherever the money is. They decide that the key is in the set of numbers that was found in the phone and backpack.

At the hospital, Monty Whittaker gets out of his room again and goes to Derk's room. Derk tells him that Skint texted the numbers to him and he was supposed to pass them on to the Stiletto. The numbers on the text were numbers for a private freight train. Monty relays the information to Whit, who calls and tells Eugene. Looking at a map, they make out a pathway that the counterfeiters most likely used to get away. Monty leaves after getting the information he wanted.

Mr. Skint and Buck Oliver see the train leave and Skint is relieved. Buck is concerned about Connie, Penny and Wooton but Skint just brushes it off. Skint says there's one more loose end they need to tie up before they can get out of there.

Connie, Wooton, and Penny are locked up in the freight train with the counterfeit money. Connie is trying to find a way out, while Penny doesn't think there's any point. A crate in the corner starts making noises as if someone is trying to get out. They go to it and manage to get the lid off. Inside is a mysterious man (Jason Whittaker). He loosens some bolts on a door so he can get out, but before he leaves he says "Connie, tell Mr. Whittaker the plates can be found at TLC." He also says that he's going to find someway to stop the train.

By the time Whit, Polehaus and Martin get to the tracks the train was already gone. Matthew, Emily, and Eugene tell him the tracks go right by Haggler's Junkyard before going off into open country at full speed.

Eugene calls Wally Haggler and he and Jay Smouse go near the tracks. They hear the train coming but have no clue how to stop it. Looking at the map, Emily and Matthew see that it goes into a Y. The main track splits off into a separate track that goes into the junkyard. Matthew says that there should be a switch that switches the tracks over. Wally and Jay go over to it and work on moving the switch.

Jason makes his way to the front of the train, and wrestles with one of the guys trying to get the train to stop.

Jay and Wally get the switch moved, and realize that Wally will probably lose the storage shed. On the train Jason and the two guys wonder what "two guys" did, and then realize that they're gonna crash. The train crashes into the storage shed.

Wally is frantic about the storage shed. Archie Haggler was in the crash too and Wally says that Archie won't be getting out of this one.

Penny, Wooton, and Connie made it through the crash, and Connie realizes the mysterious man was Jason Whittaker.

Skint and Buck go back to their trailer at the carnival for "some insurance". Skint wants to take Katrina as a hostage, but Buck protests and refuses to take Katrina with them. Skint says either Buck goes with him and Katrina or stays here with Katrina. Buck chooses not to go with Skint. Katrina is grateful that Buck made the right decision.

Monty meets Whit at the junkyard. Whit tells him that all the money was in crates on the train, and Archie and his gang are being rounded up by Polehaus. Then Connie runs up to them exclaiming that she saw Jason on the train. She tells them that he was in sunglasses and a beard and was in a crate. She also says that he gave her a message to pass on to Whit; TLC and something to do with plates. Monty figures he meant the engraving plates. If they don't find them, anyone could use them and start another green ring.

Eugene thanks Emily and Buck for their help. Katrina and Buck come into to Whit's End. Katrina tells them that Buck saved her. Eugene thanks him for doing so. Buck apologizes for his lies. Katrina and Buck leave for the police station.

Polehaus tells Whit and Monty that they have everyone booked except for Trask and Skint. They continue to try to figure out the meaning of TLC. They talked to the guys at Trickle Lake Cement and was told that the cement was for a patio. but they didn't find a cement patio at Archie's house or plans for one. Monty then figures out what TLC means.

They go to Trickle Lake Dock C to look for the plates. They determine that the counterfeiters put them in a case, enclosed them in concrete and dropped them in a lake attached to a chain. Then they hear the sound of something or someone falling coming from the shed. The investigate and find Dr. Trask. Polehaus arrests Trask, although Trask denies everything. Whit congratulates Monty on a job well done.

Whit enters his house and finds Jason. He tells Whit that Mr. Grote was trying to get rid of him, and now he's going to go after Mr. Grote in Hong Kong. After saying he'll be back, he leaves and Whit says, "Case closed...for now."

Discussion Questions

  1. Whit, Monty, and the rest of the gang in Odyssey were in a battle against the Green Ring. Read about another kind of fight in 2 Timothy 4:7. How can a fight be good?


Heard in episode

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Lily Graham Monty Whittaker-Dowd
Jana Whittaker-Dowd John Whittaker
Mr. Grote Jason Whittaker


  • Whit mentions Wooton's abandoned Winnie the Pooh blanket; this is especially ironic considering actor Andre Stojka's role in Winnie the Pooh as Owl.
  • Penny's line "Who was that masked man?" is an allusion to the Lone Ranger.
  • Wally Haggler's line, "I can hear the train a coming! It's coming round the bend!" is a reference to the song " Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash.
    • Some fans speculate that this song was referenced because of Johnny Cash’s last name, in keeping with the “money” theme of the allusions in this album.
  • Jay's line, "That was no man. That was Matthew." Is an allusion to the popular punchline, "That was no lady, that was my wife."


Connie Kendall: Well this is a fine place to be. Stuck in a freight car with millions of dollars we can't spend and we don't even know where we're going.

Wooton Bassett: May I see your ticket please?

The Stiletto: Help me out please. I'm still a little groggy.
Penny Wise: Oh, traveling in a box always makes me groggy too.
The Stiletto: It was the drugs they used to persuade me into the box.

Wooton Bassett: You know, I've always found that running along the top of a train gives me inspiration.
The Stiletto: Good, then that's what I'll do. See ya.

Wally Haggler: Ok Eugene. I'm with Jay at the railroad tracks.
Eugene Meltsner: And?
Wally Haggler: I can hear it coming. It's coming round the bend.

Jay Smouse: Who knows that stuff?! Why does he know that kind of stuff?!
Emily Jones: Yeah, that's what I asked. But right now I'm glad he does.

Wally Haggler: You heard the man, Jay! We have to pull that switch!
Jay Smouse: That was no man. That was Matthew.

Wally Haggler: Got it!!
Jay Smouse: Waahoo!! Uh, maybe we should get out of the way.
Wally Haggler: Run for it!!
Jay Smouse: Ahhh!!!

Connie Kendall: The man from the crate, it was Jason!
Penny Wise: Well I don't know who that is, but I don't give him high marks for his train driving.

John Whittaker: Back to Hong Kong? Is that wise?
Jason Whittaker: Someone has to do it. I'll be back though.
John Whittaker: I'm counting on it.
Jason Whittaker: I love you dad.
John Whittaker: Love you too. Be careful. Don't get lost in the labyrinth.